Month: July 2008

  • good-bye 23, hello 24!

    It’s my birthday today (August 1) and I’m saying good-bye to 23 – it was a very weird, up and down kind of year. Hello, 24 – I hope you’re a good year. And, well, it’s starting off with a bang! It’s been awhile in the making (not that long in publishing terms, I think) […]

  • random wednesday

    Ahem. Did I say more blogging? Maybe I really meant less blogging. Or perhaps I overlooked the fact that when one works eight days or so in a row…one doesn’t really have time for the blogging. Get up, go to work, come home, dinner, tv, knit, bed, repeat. My two-hour-a-day commute doesn’t exactly help things, […]

  • uncle!

    There will be no yellow jersey for me this year! I’ve totally failed in my attempt at the Tour de Fleece. Well, to be fair, I did set my sights rather high – recall this photo. I’d estimate that I still have at least a pound of fiber left – and I’ve been spinning hard, […]