There will be no yellow jersey for me this year! I’ve totally failed in my attempt at the Tour de Fleece.

tour de fleece - july 25

Well, to be fair, I did set my sights rather high – recall this photo. I’d estimate that I still have at least a pound of fiber left – and I’ve been spinning hard, dudes. Today (Friday) was the first day off I’ve had since last Monday, and every day that I was at the store, I spun on one of the store wheels.

I made quite a dent in the last week, really, especially with the Woolee Winder…but I’ve still got more fiber! It’s like the neverending fleece. That there photo is of 13 balls of various weights, since several (4) were done on a Louet, which has a huge bobbin.

I did spin a bit today and managed another bobbin’s worth, and I might be able to spin another tomorrow. But that still won’t bring me quite all the way. And then there’s all the plying to do. I’m not that deterred, really, because I still want to finish up this project! It feels like I’ve devoted so much time to it that it would be stupid to stop now. I’ll be spinning until it’s done!

After the spinning and plying (I’m going to do a three ply), then comes some knitting…I’m thinking a coat-type sweater, maybe in a dense, flat stitch like a herringbone. I could even sew a lining or something. It’s going to be a lot of yardage, so I’ll have options!






11 responses to “uncle!”

  1. JenBrenneman Avatar

    Wow, I’d give you the yellow jersey! That’s a lot of work int hat picture. Cheering you on in the sidelines.

  2. gleek Avatar

    that’s a very impressive amount of spinning!

  3. Miriam Avatar

    I am spinning singles from my fleece as well. Also for a 3 ply coincidentally. But thank god I wasn’t foolish enough to do it for the Tour de Fleece ;) It would have pretty much ensured that I would fail :D

    It’s still an impressive feat though.


  4. Luise Avatar

    That’s pretty impressive. Have you ever considered making Sally Melville’s Einstein Coat?

  5. Julie Avatar

    That’s a lot of spinning pictured above! You must have worked pretty hard, sad about the yellow jersey. : ( but you deserve it anyway!

  6. sil Avatar

    Since it’s rather more important to create the right kind of yarn for the coat project you have in mind, just think of the tour effort as an effective spur to action and move on. Your coat idea sounds gorgeous, as it that yarn your spinning, and think how lovely it will be to wear in December. The snow does return every year doesn’t it?

  7. Knittripps Avatar

    I am very impressed. That is a lot of spinning. Keep plugging away at it and I am sure you will get it done. It may not be done by the end of the race, but it will be worth it in the end when you are wearing your gorgeous new sweater coat!

  8. Wendolene Avatar

    Whoa! That really is the neverending fiber. Good luck with the rest–I can’t wait to see what it becomes!

  9. Keatyn Avatar

    You deserve a yellow jersey for sure! You did a ton of spinning.

  10. beth Avatar

    wow! I am impressed. I would have totally pooped out on 8 oz. Can’t wait to see it all done!

    don’t give up!

  11. Esther Avatar

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