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bean harvest #1

The beans have really popped! I harvested by first beans today – a good handful of Royal Burgundy and Provider bush beans. I sauteed them briefly in a little olive oil, then sprinkled them with salt and downed them right quick. Yum. About ten minutes from plant to mouth. I love growing things.

Other stuff in the garden is going crazy too – this is actually two zucchini plants. They’re huge! No fruit yet, but I’m hoping for soon.

them's big

I also finally have a couple of teeny tomatoes. Things have been so slow this year, but my tomato plants are starting to outgrow their cages and they look super.

two tomatoes!

Two weeks ago or so I planted some rainbow chard in a pot – it’s still very tiny, but it won’t take too long for it to get a whole lot bigger (I hope).


On a completely unrelated topic, I’ve got some awesome (lightly worn) shoes for sale that I’m hoping someone out there can use –

Dansko Mylas - for sale

Dansko Mylas – brown, women’s size 38. I loved these shoes, but they just didn’t love me and my orthotics. Danskos rule! Click on the photo for more info. I paid $120, asking $65 including shipping to the US or Canada.

Adbusters Blackspots - for sale

Adbusters Blackspots – the “World’s Most Ethical Shoes”, apparently – they look similar to Converse Allstars, but with a hemp upper, handdrawn logo and sweet spot, and are built in a union shop in Portugal. They also feel more substantial than Chucks, with a lot more cushioning in the sole.

Women’s size 7 – they turned out to be a little too small for me, but I’m totally going to buy a bigger pair because they’re really cool and comfy. I paid $90 Canadian, asking $50 USD including shipping. You can tell they’re very lightly worn because the toe caps are still white!

Email me if you’re interested in either pair – they’re great shoes, and I’m sad that they didn’t work out for me! I have such trouble buying shoes, sigh. Does anyone have recommendations for shoes that work okay with orthotics (preferably with a removable insole) and are somewhat stylish?

Still with me? Want some eye candy?

most. expensive. yarn.

I’m knitting a sample shawl for the store out of Louet Mooi – apparently it’s pronounced “moi”, but I keep thinking “mooey” in my head. It’s bison, bamboo and cashmere, and pretty spendy…but this red colour is gorgeous and it’s working up really nicely!

more different FO

I’m work work working away at the store for a bunch of days in a row this and next week. I’ve been taking some of my giant tour de fleece bag, and I actually got quite a lot of spinning done today – I really like the woolee winder we’ve got on a wheel there! I’m still thinking that I won’t actually finish spinning it. Maybe I’ll revise to just spinning all the singles, and not include the plying. Did I mention I didn’t actually official sign up for the tour? Just a personal challenge, really.

(Speaking of spinning, I could use some more students for my drop spindle class at lettuce knit August 7 and 14, 6-8 pm. It’s fun! Call me to sign up – 416 203 9970.)

Anyway! Here’s the other FO that was peeking out from that ponchette photo.

wrap circle skirt

I had a hankering the other day to sew up a wrap skirt, and this is what I produced. I didn’t really use a pattern – I started with a circle skirt and sort of forced it (with scissors) to become a wrap skirt. Then I made a waistband in a roundabout manner, my very first buttonhole on the machine, and a quite uneven hem, and I was done. This is what happens when you sew on the fly! I think the next skirt might be from a pattern.

I’m actually quite pleased with how it looks, at least! I really like the fabric – it’s just cotton from Fabricland, but it’s very light. Too light for a single layer skirt, which is why I went with the wrap. I got lots of compliments on it the other night, too. I know the dressform photos are kind of a cop out, but my old tripod can’t handle the dslr! I’ll figure out a way to take full length self portraits somehow – anyone got any tips?

At any rate, you can see it on me in the second photo from Megan’s shower – I gave megan that log cabin blanket she’s holding, knit from my handspun.

The skirt’s a little big; I need to make a second buttonhole a little further back. But then it’ll be perfect! I’m getting into the sewing swing; I want new clothes but don’t really have much in the clothing budget. Hey! Wait! What about all this fabric I’ve been hoarding forever? Could that become clothes?

waist tie

Now all I have to do is start sewing my own tshirts and I’ll be all set!

super quick FO!

I finished the hemp ‘ponchette’! That was fast. Would’ve been faster had I been quicker on weaving in the ends, putting it together, and running it through the wash, but whatever. You know how it is!

fo: hemp ponchette

Hemp Ponchette
Pattern: “Cool Hemp Ponchette” from Hemp for Knitting – [Rav link]
Yarn: 3 skeins of AllHemp6 Lux in the natural colour. Pattern and yarn are available at lettuce knit!
Needles: US 8 Denise. It’s been a while since I used Denise needles!
Time: start to finish, less than two weeks. The knitting itself was super quick.

I made the rectangular piece a little longer than called for for the smaller size – I went until I ran out of yarn, just a few more repeats. The lace pattern is nice and easily memorizable, and I actually really like the sawtooth edge. At first I was a little confused (bind off? what?) but it was, of course, quickly apparent what the effect was. I knit this up for a store sample, so it needed to be quick, but it’s only a three skein project anyway – very speedy once you’re in the rhythm. Have I mentioned that lately I’m really feeling the garter stitch love? Much like the rest of blogland!

I threw this in with a load of laundry once it was put together (crochet seam) and the ends woven in, and it machine washed and dried up super nicely! It did generate a lot of fluff in the dryer, so make sure you keep that lint trap clean. It’s SO soft. I definitely want some kind of garment knit out of this yarn.

The “lux” hemp really is a lot softer and silkier than the regular AllHemp6, which I used for a large project last year (soon to been seen in a book), so I remember how that stuff felt! The Lux is a lot less splitty in the knitting, especially on the larger needles, and feels softer after a wash as well. The drape is incredible! And the colours are rich and fantastic.

FO parade! There’s another one peeking out in the photo above, but I’ll leave that for another day.