Month: July 2008

  • happenings

    Want knitting? Skip to the end. The beans have really popped! I harvested by first beans today – a good handful of Royal Burgundy and Provider bush beans. I sauteed them briefly in a little olive oil, then sprinkled them with salt and downed them right quick. Yum. About ten minutes from plant to mouth. […]

  • more different FO

    I’m work work working away at the store for a bunch of days in a row this and next week. I’ve been taking some of my giant tour de fleece bag, and I actually got quite a lot of spinning done today – I really like the woolee winder we’ve got on a wheel there! […]

  • super quick FO!

    I finished the hemp ‘ponchette’! That was fast. Would’ve been faster had I been quicker on weaving in the ends, putting it together, and running it through the wash, but whatever. You know how it is! Hemp Ponchette Pattern: “Cool Hemp Ponchette” from Hemp for Knitting – [Rav link] Yarn: 3 skeins of AllHemp6 Lux […]