random wednesday

Ahem. Did I say more blogging? Maybe I really meant less blogging. Or perhaps I overlooked the fact that when one works eight days or so in a row…one doesn’t really have time for the blogging. Get up, go to work, come home, dinner, tv, knit, bed, repeat. My two-hour-a-day commute doesn’t exactly help things, either. (Although I have been getting some reading done on the ride home. I’ve been attacking this pile.)

Both pairs of shoes have gone to new homes, and I bought another pair of Fluevogs, in red of course! They’re having a huge sale – I had my eye on those shoes already, but then they were 30% off! Can’t beat that.

I’m rather boring these days what with the working, but I’m counting on some much-needed crafting time this weekend. I really want to make some new skirts, maybe a top or two as well. I did manage to sew up an infinity dress for a friend this evening, using a gorgeous chocolate bamboo jersey – I even learned a few things from the first time and it came out super! I’ll try to get a photo in the morning. Being at the sewing machine again did give me a little bit of a kick – it’s so fast and gratifying. Must. Sew.

To those emailing about the Baby Thermal pattern, I’m hard at work on it. The Baby version (up to 2 years) is pretty well done, but the Child/Youth version (up to size 12) is still on the needles. Soon, soon. I really want to get it done and out there!

In other super-random knitting news, I just realized that the party for my newly-arrived cousin/niece (the daughter of my cousin…first cousin once removed? niece is easier) is early next week and I have not knit a stitch! I’m going to try and bust out a quick little sweater and hat, so there’d better be some finished projects on this here blog soon!

I’ll leave you with a beauty shot of the Mooi shawl I’ve been working on – it’s darker than in this photo, but so luminous.

mooi shawl



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7 responses to “random wednesday”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Love the shawl yarn. What is it? Or is Mooi just a yarn I haven’t heard of yet…must investigate.

  2. Phoe Avatar

    Gorgeous shawl! Also, every time I see Fluevogs I think of the Mighty Favog. I have been watching too much SNL.

  3. Allison Avatar

    I also have a weakness for fluevogs, especially fluevogs on sale. Those red ones are beauties.

  4. Amanda Avatar

    I have those Fluevogs in black. I love them!

  5. Knittripps Avatar

    What adorable red shoes! And I love the red shawl. Did I mention already that I am really into red right now?

  6. gleek Avatar

    totally understand. all work and no play make poor blogs go uposted :( i can’t wait to see the baby thermals though!

  7. Marie Avatar

    Thanks for the update on the Moi – it really is stunning!

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