deck the halls

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sick.

Yep. At least it’s not a repeat of the horrible stomach flu which has stricken so many of my friends in recent weeks (I had it a while back already). No, this time it’s the less-violent but much more prolonged sore throat and runny nose.

But I’m not too sick to knit!

treeline stripe, mid-yoke

All knit gifts are away (or at least done, there’s one that’s not away yet) and I’m back to working on the Treeline Stripe cardigan. I knit and knit and watched many, many episodes of Bones…

et voila! On the blocking towels.

treeline stripe, blocking

Maybe I’ll just leave the buttons off for now – I really wanted to wear this sweater for Christmas day, and I managed to make it happen! I did run out of Kidsilk Haze on the second buttonband, but meh. You can’t really tell, since the whole sweater is pretty darn fuzzy.

I’m hoping I got enough out of the blocking to make it fit better – it was a little on the too-snug side in the body when i tried it on earlier. But by the measurements, it should fit now. Full wrap-up and FO photos tomorrow!

Merry Christmas, or Tuesday!

the chop

Noon today, in unflattering lighting:


A while later:


It won’t be quite so flippy on a regular basis, but you get the idea. Might actually have to put effort into this “styling” thing I hear so much about. Any tips on making my very thick hair flip with a minimum of effort?

in the midst of the storm

It was pretty to watch, but a pain in the ass to get around in! I did quite enjoy the quietness of the city under the blanket of snow – people staying in, very few cars on the road, all that jazz.

in the midst of the storm

Wish I could say I stayed in and baked cookies or something, but instead I went to work and my students (troopers, they were) cooked up some fabulous handpainted yarn. Then it was off to a house full of people and cookies.

Today I’m enjoying the view from inside, knitting along, and watching the snowplows go by.

after the storm

And I finished the Ultramerino socks.

Ultramerino 6 socks

There was plenty of yarn left over from one skein – probably about eight grams.


Specs, again: 3.25 mm needles, 48 sts, 3×1 rib and eye of partridge heel flap.