Month: December 2007

  • deck the halls

    It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sick. Yep. At least it’s not a repeat of the horrible stomach flu which has stricken so many of my friends in recent weeks (I had it a while back already). No, this time it’s the less-violent but much more prolonged sore throat and runny nose. But I’m not too […]

  • the chop

    Noon today, in unflattering lighting: A while later: It won’t be quite so flippy on a regular basis, but you get the idea. Might actually have to put effort into this “styling” thing I hear so much about. Any tips on making my very thick hair flip with a minimum of effort?

  • in the midst of the storm

    It was pretty to watch, but a pain in the ass to get around in! I did quite enjoy the quietness of the city under the blanket of snow – people staying in, very few cars on the road, all that jazz. Wish I could say I stayed in and baked cookies or something, but […]