in the midst of the storm

It was pretty to watch, but a pain in the ass to get around in! I did quite enjoy the quietness of the city under the blanket of snow – people staying in, very few cars on the road, all that jazz.

in the midst of the storm

Wish I could say I stayed in and baked cookies or something, but instead I went to work and my students (troopers, they were) cooked up some fabulous handpainted yarn. Then it was off to a house full of people and cookies.

Today I’m enjoying the view from inside, knitting along, and watching the snowplows go by.

after the storm

And I finished the Ultramerino socks.

Ultramerino 6 socks

There was plenty of yarn left over from one skein – probably about eight grams.


Specs, again: 3.25 mm needles, 48 sts, 3×1 rib and eye of partridge heel flap.



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4 responses to “in the midst of the storm”

  1. Cobbalicious Avatar

    Very pretty! So fun to knit with bright colors when it’s snowing outside.

  2. kitkatknit Avatar

    Oh I love the first two weather pictures. We get nothing that entertaining here.

  3. Kristina Avatar

    Enjoy the snow! (nice socks)

  4. Charlotte Avatar

    Wonderful pictures! Love the socks, I am definately going to knit a pair with the same yarn, thank you for the specs!

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