the chop

Noon today, in unflattering lighting:


A while later:


It won’t be quite so flippy on a regular basis, but you get the idea. Might actually have to put effort into this “styling” thing I hear so much about. Any tips on making my very thick hair flip with a minimum of effort?






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  1. emily Avatar

    I’m afraid I haven’t any advice (my hair is thick and curly–I just let it do its thing…) but I think the new length looks great on you!

  2. Laura Avatar

    Flip your head upside down and blow dry it that way.

    Looks great!

  3. Kim U Avatar

    The new length looks great on you! My only flip advice is to use a good brush while blow drying – but I’m usually trying to remind my hair to flip under instead of out :) I think that length will look great on you even if it’s not quite as flippy though.

  4. Sharon Avatar

    wow, that ‘do looks fabulous on you! It totally frames your face in such a flattering way.

    As for the flip thing, I have crazy curly hair, so I’m absolutely no help to you.

  5. Dotty Avatar

    You look great! I just got my hair chopped, too. It started out way past my shoulders but now it’s an above-the-shoulder bob. To make it flip, you can use a big brush when you blow dry (that’s what I do). A little dab of mousse/gel helps as well. Don’t forget to use less shampoo!

  6. May Avatar

    It looks nice!
    My only advice regarding the flip is to have someone do it for you :)
    I was never good at doing it myself, but found rollers and or curling iron helps.
    There’s a reason why I keep my hair really really short. I’ve no skills in blow dry styling.

  7. Cambria Avatar

    use a very hot curling iron (professional strength like helen of troy or golden hot) you can find them at Sally beauty supply and a little product in the hair to hold the shape. i use a very hot curling iron to both straighten and curl the ends at the same time.

  8. Cupcake Avatar

    Looks great! I’m undergoing the exact same transformation on Friday- same before, hoping for same (or slightly shorter) after!

  9. Rebecca Avatar

    It’s gorgeous! When I used to get my hair cut into a style it just did it but my hair is thick with a bit of a very slight kink – not being a self styler I have no suggestions…

  10. shmoosh Avatar

    I love it!

    The actual cut should do most of the flipping work for you. (The ends and layers are beveled with shorter ones on top.) I’d use a large, round, natural-bristle brush to pull out the waves and flip the ends.

  11. Bev Avatar

    Love the hair cut, it really suits you.

  12. chris Avatar

    It’s cute! I have a flip – I mostly dry with my fingers, holding the hair the way I want it to flip – then when it’s almost dry, flip my head over. But the real trick is to use a flat iron when your done. Run it through with a bit of a flip motion at the end – it gives that straight flip look – not the curled back look you would get with brushes or curling irons – have fun~!

  13. kelly jo Avatar

    It looks lovely! I’m with the other ladies, use a big round brush when blow drying (it’s always easier on one side than the other) and do any touch ups with a big curling iron. I always make mine flip out, but I recently studied the lady doing my hair. She was skilled enough to not need the curling iron, just the big round brush while blow drying….I’m not there yet!

  14. jaya Avatar

    Your hair look so cute!

    And I have no helpful hints on getting your hair to flip, since I’ve had curls for so long that I honestly don’t know how straight hair works any more.

  15. Ivy Mae Avatar

    Looks wonderful! I had that exact cut a year or so ago–I loved it. Get some Dove light moisture mousse and a round brush, and you got you some flip. :)

  16. kelsey Avatar

    I think the new haircut looks wonderful

    I don’t have any suggestions for flippy hair. I’m normally trying to get my hair to stop flipping out and be normal.

  17. koko puff Avatar

    Product is the key! And sadly what works one day, doesn’t the next — sometimes you have to mix it up. There are some good texturizers/hold products, so if you need something stronger than mousse (which you might if you have thick or heavy hair) then I recommend Aveda or Pure Volume products if you are flush and Life Brand stylying creams from Shoppers if you are skint!

    PS. The cut looks great!

  18. Breanna Avatar

    I used to have my hair cut like that and mine is thick and sick straight. I used styling moose on dry hair just at the ends and then used a straight iron to give it a little flip. After about a week of practicing it only took a a few minutes to fix my hair using this method. Good luck in your styling efforts I think you look great!

  19. Lani Avatar

    Great cut! If you don’t want to blowdry it to flip it out (which would be the best way) you can always get a light pomade (think mousse-like) and run it through while your hair is still wet and flip the ends with your fingers.

  20. caro Avatar

    I love it! It looks great on you. My advice with thick hair is to style it in sections. Pin up the top half while you dry the under half, then get to the top bits. Same for if you straighten or curl it.

    Enjoy! It’s super cute!

  21. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    You look wonderful!

  22. knitlady Avatar

    You really look beautiful with the new haircut! sorry, no advice, my hair is thick :)

  23. Deirdre Avatar

    No styling advice – my lack of skill is the reason I have always had short hair – but it looks just wonderful! Your head must feel a whole lot lighter, no?

  24. Marie Avatar

    Mousse – a big handful of the stuff then do the styling thing with the blow dryer then finish with one of those styling products – applied very sparingly just to the flips.

    I find that without the product everything only holds together until I venture outside or wear a hat and the wind in the subway is murder!

    BTW the cut is very cute!

  25. Phoe Avatar

    That looks great on you! As for styling, I find those giant velcro rollers are the best for thick hair with a bit of bounce to it. Just roll them up so that your hair curls up, pin them and let it set. Or use a flat iron and just flip up the ends.

  26. jenna Avatar

    That cut looks fantastic on you! What a bold move! I’m with Chris, flip it out with a flat iron. It makes it flippy without curling up too much. I could never do the round brush/blowdryer thing. I feel like I need four or five hands for that move.

  27. Cheryl Avatar

    It looks so cute! Now I want a haircut too.

  28. Jacquie Avatar

    LOVE IT! And you wear it well!

    I’d suggest a little of the hanging your head upside down when blow drying (but don’t do it too long as that is what will give your hair body) and then after you flip your head back up just finger flip as you dry. A good round brush could be useful but it might look to flippy if you use the brush all around the head. I think you could use a paste on the ends after its dry but I don’t think with thick hair you need much of anything.

    Best best: call your hairdresser and ask what’s easiest. S/He will definitely know the best tricks!

  29. Allison Avatar

    I love your new do! It looks great!!!

  30. Beverly Avatar

    The round brush is your friend!! My stylist recommends blow drying it under, then flipping it up with the brush for more movement. I sometimes add the curling iron to my flip, too! Adorable cut!!

  31. Margaret Avatar

    Looks great! Very flattering length and style! My suggestion is to blow it upside down until it’s practically dry, and then finish up with a big round brush. Also, if you finish up in sections (underside, middle, top) you get better results, but I don’t always have time for that.

  32. mai Avatar

    REALLY CUTE! it looks great! i never brush nor blowdry my hair, so i’ve got no advice for you, i’m sorry!

  33. lisa Avatar

    Your new do looks so fantastic. You are very luck you good in both long and short hair.

    Re: the flip – blowdry till almost dry, take a big round brush to parts of the side of your hair and hold the dryer on the brush until that part is dry. Repeat.

    I am sure the cut will also lead to the flippy style as well.

  34. edina Avatar

    Cute new ‘do! Round brush, larger diameter curling iron, and hair spray are what I use – I have thick, stubborn Asian hair so I can relate. :)

  35. Kim Avatar

    Great hair cut! It suits you.

  36. Wannietta Avatar

    The new do really suits you Laura!! I will concur with Chris and recommend a good flat iron.

  37. Bea Avatar

    I love the haircut! I’ve got hair like yours, i.e. stick straight Asian hair, except it’s not quite as thick, and if you don’t really need to blowdry to get volume, I would use one of those Chi straighteners to flip out the ends, you just run the straightener down the tips and flip as you go, it takes like two seconds!

  38. Heather Avatar

    Love the hair.

    If you don’t wash it every day, hot rollers are a great way to refresh the flip. mist lightly and roll ’em up – then your hair will curl itself while you eat breakfast and get ready for the day.

  39. Heather Avatar

    No tips, but just wanted to say how cute! You look adorable!

  40. Grace Avatar

    A round brush and an ionic hair dryer works wonders for me! And then I don’t need to use a curling iron or straight iron–I also add a drop or two of a anti frizz serum before blowdrying. Voila! Flippy hair!

  41. rachel Avatar

    Very cute! After you get the flip in place with your blow dryer & big brush, give it a shot of cool air (that blue button on your hairdryer), and it set better.

  42. TJ Avatar

    I have uber-thick straight Asian hair too. I’m loathe to use heat on your hair with hair dryers or irons – too much effort and does damage. So it’s all about product and timing. I use a tough, clay or wax based pomade in my roots, and then air dry for a while, and then a texturizing/scrunchable hairspray to encourage body and and flip when the hair is close to dry.

    Great do!

  43. Robynn Avatar

    that new cut looks great on you!!!
    i have flippy ends, too, and i just blow dry upside down until my hair is pretty much dry. then flip back up, touch up the top with a big round brush to give some volume and flip the ends with my fingers. much easier than tryng to flip the ends at the back of your neck with a brush! have fun with it and you’ll have the hang of the whole styling thing soon enough!

  44. Robin Avatar

    The new cut looks very smart!

  45. ck Avatar

    Very cute! I have no styling advice…that is a major reason I’ve never done the chop myself.

  46. Dr. Steph Avatar

    I love it! Some goop always helps make it sticky. Blow drying hair upsidedown helps. And a flatiron can help with the flip (I can lend you mine if you want to try it).

  47. Lacewing Avatar

    You look fabulous! Cheers and Merry Christmas to you.

  48. Monica Avatar

    Loved the length/style before but the new look is even better! WOW!

  49. gleek Avatar

    very cute! my suggestion is to dry your hair upside down. then use a little pomade to push it down and flip. i like the MOP orange pomade.

  50. Andrea Avatar

    I LOVE it Laura!! I can’t wait to see (and touch) it tonight at knitting. You look awesome!

  51. Abbe Avatar

    Ooh! Super cute! I love the flippies!

  52. alison Avatar

    Hey cutie! Fun haircut. :)

  53. darlene Avatar

    love the hair!!!

  54. Denise Avatar

    You look great!!! I love the cut/style…the flips are perfect.

  55. pamela wynne Avatar

    & the giant round brush is a miraculous invention.

  56. Lauren Avatar

    Totally cute!!!!!!!! I need to get a hair cut too…

  57. Andrea Avatar

    yay, looks awesome! i’m too lazy to do my hair, but yours looks great!

  58. jeanne Avatar

    So cute! Shows off your face – good job!

  59. Sarah Avatar

    Good for you! Your hair looks great. I just cut all mine off, but when it was long, it flipped every whichway all on its own, which was sometimes a good thing, and sometimes not so good. A little hair goop goes a long way, whether you’re trying to promote or tame the hair flippage!

  60. KermitKnits Avatar

    The best thing to style your hair is with your blowdryer. Use some styling cream and a big brush. NO CURLING IRONS. They never make it look as natural. :) It looks fabulous! Congrats!

  61. Moggle Avatar

    Yeah baby! It looks fab.
    I don’t do flippy – I use gel/jelly and scrunch

  62. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Cute! As my hair is very fine (thick in amount fine in strand thickness) and is likely to go limp and floppy, I can’t offer any advice. When I want my hair to do anything I use a pomade-type thing, but my hair has to be pretty short to make it work best.

  63. Stéphanie Avatar

    I love it !!!

  64. Lee Ann Avatar

    You look mahvelous!

  65. Kelley Arnold Avatar
    Kelley Arnold

    Hey, It looks great! I just got my hair hacked off as well and I was a low maintinence pony tail every day kind of gal. I put some gel in it when it is wet, section my very thick hair, and use a large round brush to beat it into submission when drying (I used to just go to bed with it wet and ponytail it in the morning). It looks great with minimal effort.

  66. Christy Avatar

    You look so cute! Seriously, it really suits you. Wish I could pull off cute, short, flippy hair *sigh*.

  67. vicki Avatar

    Looks great! Very brave, always difficult to find the courage to chop hair off. Well done!

  68. Nik Avatar

    The flips look great on you. But you look great both ways, though.

  69. Jenny Avatar

    It looks so cute!

  70. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    That looks great! I recently did the same thing (after 20 years of waist-length hair). I hate blow-drying, so after I wash my hair at night, I comb it, work a little Paul Mitchell Styling Skinny into it, and pull it back in a pony tail at my nape. I sleep on it, and when I wake up, I comb it out and use a little more Skinny to smooth it out. The top ends up smooth, while the bottom flips out and curls. It’s really easy!

  71. Kathleen Avatar

    OMG, that hairstyle is *so* cute on you. (And I mean cute in the ‘really attractive and stylish’ way, not the ‘oh, she’s like a little bunny I need to squeeze her’ kind of way.) Being a serious wash-n-go girl myself, I have zero advice on styling, but if you can figure it out, that’s a wonderful look for you.

  72. Jean-Anne Avatar

    Love the hair

  73. Lien Avatar

    I also have stick straight Asian hair, and when I had it short, the only way to get it all cool and flippy was to sleep with it wet. I refused to actually spend time to blow dry it or put “product” in it, so I used to just shower before bed. Worked like a treat, except of course, you can’t control which bits flipped.

  74. hesira Avatar

    I’m late in commenting, but the hair looks fabulous! I’m completely incompetent when it comes to styling, so I can’t say anything about that, but what a cutie!

  75. christine Avatar

    When drying your hair, spray with hairspray and cup the hair in your hand in the flip shape, then blow the blow dryer in there on low. Your hair gets kind of hot molded into shape. Alot of people compliment my flip!

  76. Mirtha Avatar

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