Month: August 2007

  • a new adventure

    Megan (and her husband James) have been hard at work transforming the basement apartment of the store into a swish dye studio! I’ve been down there dyeing yarns for the store for awhile now, but over the last couple weeks it’s really been transformed – it was a touch sketchy before, also, orange. And there […]

  • the promise of new knits

    I love winding yarn. Transforming a skein into the ready-to-knit position, seeing how the colours blend, and having a stackable item afterwards! I only wind when I’m ready (or at least almost ready) to use the yarn, and I just love all the promise of new projects that they hold. Euroflax linen: Socks that Rock […]

  • the reddening

    Things are happening in the garden! Things with colours! These Romas and San Marzanos are slightly under-ripe, but they’ll ripen up soon – some of them were on the ground, or fell off when the plant was brushed slightly. A “Black Beauty” eggplant. I stuffed it and ate it up tonight! Basket o’ purples – […]