a new adventure

Megan (and her husband James) have been hard at work transforming the basement apartment of the store into a swish dye studio!

dye studio

I’ve been down there dyeing yarns for the store for awhile now, but over the last couple weeks it’s really been transformed – it was a touch sketchy before, also, orange. And there was a fridge.

lots o' pots

Why the new space? Why, workshops of course! I’ll be teaching dye workshops in wool/protein fibres and cotton/plant fibres all fall, pretty much every weekend (except Rhinebeck weekend – speaking of which, anyone need company?). Each class except for the handpainting cotton workshop is one session, three hours long. We’ll cover everything – safety, math, and different dyeing techniques.

stove and counter

It’s definitely a cozy space, so each class is limited to three people, at least for the time being. Once you’ve taken a class, you can even sign up for studio time and use our facilities to do your own thing!

The class schedule isn’t up on the website yet, but keep an eye out and it will be shortly. If you’re itching to find out more, email me and I’ll forward you the full schedule and details!

the promise of new knits

I love winding yarn. Transforming a skein into the ready-to-knit position, seeing how the colours blend, and having a stackable item afterwards! I only wind when I’m ready (or at least almost ready) to use the yarn, and I just love all the promise of new projects that they hold.

Euroflax linen:
euroflax linen

Socks that Rock mediumweight in Rose Quartz:
STR rose quartz

Raggedy Cotton that I dyed at the store:
dyed raggedy cotton

Isn’t it cool? I’m not much into novelty-type yarns, but this one is 100% cotton (and of course, dyed by me). I’ve got two big skeins, 225 g each. We’ll see if my project idea works out…hopefully I’ll be able to start soon, but I have so very many other things to do and knit at the moment!

the reddening

Things are happening in the garden! Things with colours!

it begins!

These Romas and San Marzanos are slightly under-ripe, but they’ll ripen up soon – some of them were on the ground, or fell off when the plant was brushed slightly.

Black Beauty eggplant

A “Black Beauty” eggplant. I stuffed it and ate it up tonight!

a basket of purple

Basket o’ purples – burgundy bush beans (which have been producing lots!) and the first eggplants.

The tomatoes and things are really starting to ripen – we’ve taken nearly three dozen tomatoes from the garden already! Exciting. I’m planning on canning as well as doing some drying. All in addition to eating as much as possibly, of course! I had a yellow pear tomato today and it was totally awesome.