Month: August 2007

  • callie, again

    Okay. So due to a computer malfunction, the new copies I sent out on Monday still aren’t the right ones! This sucks! I’m so sorry. New, 100% correct copies will go out today. Damn technology. So good, yet so bad. ETA: here is the specific correction: Dec Set-Up Row (RS): k across 16 [17, 18, […]

  • Callie errata

    The stitch counts are off at the end of the yoke, and the placement of the markers is off as a result. Here’s what it should say: Work even on these 128 [136, 144, 154, 162, 170, 188, 204 220] sts until piece measures …. Shape Waist Dec Set-Up Row (RS): k across 16 [17, […]

  • I sew, sometimes

    I finished sewed this skirt a few weeks ago, and I love it quite a lot – I used an olivey green cotton with a subtle grid pattern on it from Cia’s Palette, 2 yards. I’d originally bought the fabric to make pj pants, but this is way better! I didn’t have enough fabric to […]