I love winding yarn. Transforming a skein into the ready-to-knit position, seeing how the colours blend, and having a stackable item afterwards! I only wind when I’m ready (or at least almost ready) to use the yarn, and I just love all the promise of new projects that they hold.

Euroflax linen:
euroflax linen

Socks that Rock mediumweight in Rose Quartz:
STR rose quartz

Raggedy Cotton that I dyed at the store:
dyed raggedy cotton

Isn’t it cool? I’m not much into novelty-type yarns, but this one is 100% cotton (and of course, dyed by me). I’ve got two big skeins, 225 g each. We’ll see if my project idea works out…hopefully I’ll be able to start soon, but I have so very many other things to do and knit at the moment!

6 Responses to “the promise of new knits”

  1. Kelly

    Lovely colours and photos!

    Is it just personal preference not to wind the yarn until you are planning to use it, or is there something I should know??? (I wind on purchase so I’ll be ready when fancy strikes!) Just wondering…

  2. Leigh Ann

    Well, thank god I’m not the only freak. I get some incredulous looks when I tell the people at my LYSes not to wind the yarn because I enjoy doing it.


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