Things are happening in the garden! Things with colours!

it begins!

These Romas and San Marzanos are slightly under-ripe, but they’ll ripen up soon – some of them were on the ground, or fell off when the plant was brushed slightly.

Black Beauty eggplant

A “Black Beauty” eggplant. I stuffed it and ate it up tonight!

a basket of purple

Basket o’ purples – burgundy bush beans (which have been producing lots!) and the first eggplants.

The tomatoes and things are really starting to ripen – we’ve taken nearly three dozen tomatoes from the garden already! Exciting. I’m planning on canning as well as doing some drying. All in addition to eating as much as possibly, of course! I had a yellow pear tomato today and it was totally awesome.

12 Responses to “the reddening”

  1. Steph F.

    Oh my goodness! All of your garden produce is so gorgeous! I am incredibly jealous. I’ve never seen those burgundy bush beans before – they look tasty :)

  2. Kristy

    Wow, those veggies are gorgeous. I can’t grow anything to save my life so I’m very jealous :) Enjoy your tasty, homegrown, treats!

  3. AS

    Those are all beautiful. If you can find them, I HIGHLY recommend the variety “Sungold,” which are the sweetest, most amazing little yellow cherry tomatoes you’ll ever eat. The first year I planted them (this was in Colorado, though there the last frost date’s May 15, so you can’t really plant tomatoes until after that) I got my first ripe one on July 4, and then had loads through all the rest of summer.

  4. susan

    Oh I LOVE your pictures! Almost makes me want to garden. Almost. The basket O’ purple is incredibly tempting. What do the beans taste like? I’ve never heard of them.

  5. Yuliana Ng

    so jealous of you!
    I used to garden too, but now with my 18 mo dd, it’s hard to find time to knit, let alone gardening.

  6. michelle

    Damn! I wish my tomatoes would ripen as fast as yours! They are huge.. but still green. : (

    Soon, though… soon

  7. Christy

    Gorgeous eggplant! I grilled some up myself tonight, but looking at your is making my mouth water all over again. Mmmmmm…


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