dig that thang up

So. Not so much knitting the last few days, due to many hours spent getting the garden set up! I neglected to take real “before” photos, but it was a huge mess. Took us more than a day to clean out the weeds and start digging!

Here’s a shot taken midday yesterday – on my brand new graduation-present camera, a Powershot SD750. We’d dug rows to about halfway across the plot.

about halfway

Later on that day…all the rows dug, and beans and peas planted in the last row. Once the peas are done the cucumbers will go there…I’ve really got to get the trellis up before my trip (leaving next Sunday). See the rainbow?

all dug up

And at the end of yesterday – lettuce planted in sort of the middle of things, being watered by the boyfriend. That rather large hole at the front there is where we’d buried a few bags of compost the night before (to prevent it from being stolen, although I don’t think it really would have been).

garden from front

Not much else can go in the ground yet – it’s really a bit too chilly for the rest of things I want to plant: zucchini and summer squash, cucumber, tomatoes (have to wait to buy the seedlings anyway), watermelon, okra, eggplant. So for now we’re concentrating on the early crops and letting the rows weather a bit. The soil is extremely clay-y so we’re working in a lot of compost.

Knitting photos soon – I do have a bit to show!

thank goodness for myrtle beach

Today was my first day working my new allotment garden, and boy am I ever glad for my hat from myrtle beach! It may be touristy but kept me nice and shaded. I’ll have to put up a photo of it sometime! Anyway, the plot was FULL of weeds and after a couple of hours, we still weren’t done clearing it out. The plan tomorrow is to go pick up some free compost from the city bright and early (in Scarborough; I’m really hoping my car doesn’t break down this time) and then finish up the cleanup and start some digging and working in compost. It’s hard work, but satisfying and a great workout to boot!

So obviously I didn’t have much time for the knitting today – in fact, I haven’t knit at all today! I’ll remedy that in a moment, but for now, how about a progress shot of my handspun log cabin?

progress shot

I’m actually running out of handspun for this particular block and am scheming something up – a really big blanket, made up of large (and possibly some small) log cabins, and the other ones will be made from various other groups of scraps. Worsted weight leftovers, doubled sock yarn leftovers, etc. It’ll allow me to make several large-ish blocks with lots of different yarns and use up lots of leftovers!

season-appropriate knits

What I’ve been working on for a little while:

dress sans straps

A knit sundress, out of SWTC’s Beyond (discontinued) cotton – I ran out before it was really long enough for me, so I added a strip of my handspun silk at the bottom! (This photo is before the straps were added, by the way.)

the skirt

The skirt doesn’t have many increases; I just changed needle sizes bigger and bigger as I went down the skirt. Makes for a nice swingyness!

dress edging

The top/bodice is just a simple tube, knit double-stranded from side to side, and drop waist – it actually holds things in pretty nicely. I’ve attached the straps today, and wove in all the ends, so it should be out and in action tomorrow! It’s really quite comfortable and flattering. I might add a few decorative buttons, I’m not sure yet.