What I’ve been working on for a little while:

dress sans straps

A knit sundress, out of SWTC’s Beyond (discontinued) cotton – I ran out before it was really long enough for me, so I added a strip of my handspun silk at the bottom! (This photo is before the straps were added, by the way.)

the skirt

The skirt doesn’t have many increases; I just changed needle sizes bigger and bigger as I went down the skirt. Makes for a nice swingyness!

dress edging

The top/bodice is just a simple tube, knit double-stranded from side to side, and drop waist – it actually holds things in pretty nicely. I’ve attached the straps today, and wove in all the ends, so it should be out and in action tomorrow! It’s really quite comfortable and flattering. I might add a few decorative buttons, I’m not sure yet.

27 Responses to “season-appropriate knits”

  1. Susan

    That’s adorable! I’m so impressed at how you whip things up! It takes me a least a month to knit a pair of socks.

  2. Suzanne

    I’d love to see that one modeled. I can’t quite picture the fit, although it looks lovely.

  3. Erin

    yo lady. i’m in class and it’s sooooo boring right now. but really, the dress is so friggin’ cute it’s worth remarking upon. adorable dress. very very adorable. i do question a double knit top (mostly b/c of bulk) but will hold off on judgement until i see it (and you) lookin’ hot.

    still on for wednesday? btw i started a sock with that yarn and it was all pooly and makes me sad.

  4. Susan P

    Cute! Can’t believe you get so much done and still keep up with your studies! what’s your secret?

  5. Leigh

    I love those shades of blue. Your handspun silk really makes the dress. And congratulations for making it to the finish line!

  6. Val

    Holy crap that’s cute!!! Now there is a knit I would purchase right off the rack!

  7. Thalia

    That is really adorable. I think the handspun yarn for the bottom edging turned out beautifully, too.

  8. jazz

    i agree, the handspun at the bottom adds great flair. quite a lovely summer stunner!

  9. Seanna Lea

    That looks great. So, just a little question: does it have a front side and a back side or are they pretty much interchangeable?

  10. Julia

    That is really cute! It’s the best knitted dress/skirt I’ve seen. I love that color, and the bit at the bottom really adds to the cuteness! I can’t wait so see it on.

  11. janetdaly

    loverly. can’t wait to see it on – love your patterns.

  12. jenna

    The sundress looks so absolutely cute I can’t even stand it. Please show us a modeled shot!


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