thank goodness for myrtle beach

Today was my first day working my new allotment garden, and boy am I ever glad for my hat from myrtle beach! It may be touristy but kept me nice and shaded. I’ll have to put up a photo of it sometime! Anyway, the plot was FULL of weeds and after a couple of hours, we still weren’t done clearing it out. The plan tomorrow is to go pick up some free compost from the city bright and early (in Scarborough; I’m really hoping my car doesn’t break down this time) and then finish up the cleanup and start some digging and working in compost. It’s hard work, but satisfying and a great workout to boot!

So obviously I didn’t have much time for the knitting today – in fact, I haven’t knit at all today! I’ll remedy that in a moment, but for now, how about a progress shot of my handspun log cabin?

progress shot

I’m actually running out of handspun for this particular block and am scheming something up – a really big blanket, made up of large (and possibly some small) log cabins, and the other ones will be made from various other groups of scraps. Worsted weight leftovers, doubled sock yarn leftovers, etc. It’ll allow me to make several large-ish blocks with lots of different yarns and use up lots of leftovers!






11 responses to “thank goodness for myrtle beach”

  1. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    I love the rainbowiness!

  2. Linda Avatar

    I’m currently in the middle of a large blanket composed of different squares. I don’t like too much of the same thing, so I’ve set a size for the squares and the number to cast on, but I just let the yarn run out before beginning another “log”.

  3. jody Avatar

    enjoy the gardening! it’s great to get out there and soak up some of the rays, isn’t it?

  4. Liz K. Avatar

    I love that idea — to make different blocks with different types of yarns. I am always looking for ideas for using up the oddballs and leftovers. Your handspun in beautiful — it practically glows.

  5. natalie Avatar

    Your blanket will be spectacular. Enjoy the garden – what ae you planting?

  6. Leigh Avatar

    Lovely! But it sounds to me as though some intense spinning sessions are what’s required. :)

  7. Jessica Avatar

    The blanket is GORGEOUS!

  8. lynne s of Oz Avatar

    I’d love an allotment but I do have a garden so I’d best start with that first eh?
    Thanks for the great idea for all the homespun that I have in small amounts – 50g of this, 50g of that, leftovers of this and that. Only problem is that people will need sunglasses to look at it! yours looks great.
    Also, hairpin lace looks interesting… evil woman for making me get even more ideas!

  9. Adrienne Avatar

    This is looking great!

  10. Dr. Steph Avatar

    I love it. Your handspun creations make me want to spin.

  11. Katie Avatar

    I’ve recently started making mitred squares from left-over sock yarn – I have visions of a blanket, but we’ll have to see if I have the staying power. :-)

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