an outdated photo

top down in progress

Because this sweater is now done! Well, almost done – I need to buy buttons, and then it’ll be done. And for sale here soon, I hope…the yarn is O-Wool Balance (50% organic cotton, 50% organic wool), and I used a total of seven skeins for a 3/4 sleeve, fairly long cardigan.

And the picot hem is so cute!

laura loves lara

Laura also loves:

– finishing 3 papers (and on time)
– finishing one last embryology test
– being done undergraduate classes FOREVER

Still three exams to go. But at least they a) don’t start for more than a week and b) are spread out so I can study for each.

And Lara? LOVE.


Pattern: Lara from Debbie Bliss’ “Alpaca Silk”
Yarn: DB Alpaca Silk (aran) in Teal, 14 skeins (the exact number called for with less than half a skein left over)
Needles: Denise US 7

Love, love, love this sweater. It’s so cushy and soft, and warm, and was a fast and easy knit. Very satisfying. I’ll definitely knit this one again, maybe in something like handspun in stripes or something? Or a Noro?

I wore it with a two-pronged hair thingy with a butterfly on it the other night, but now I seem to have lost the hair thingy – very unfortunate. On the plus side, I did find that other wooden hair stick that I love so much for closing sweaters. I wore Lara today just open, and it’s really comfy that way – some of my other ones I prefer to wear closed.

Laid out (colour’s more accurate in the first photo):

lara flat

I do believe I’m back on the blogging thing! It was a hard week (with lots of studying yet to come) but everything’s getting just that much closer to actually being DONE.


Some tidbit of a post is better than none, no? I’ve taken photos of various things in progress, but no time/energy to upload and tinker with them at the moment.

(I can tell I’ve been working in Word a little much when I try to hit apple-S to save this post)

On the school front, I’m getting there. I’ve got one 20-page paper done for Tuesday, most of a linguistics assignment done for tomorrow (I need to go look at that soon and fix up the last little bit) and am working on another 10-pager for Tuesday, which is about halfway there but not going so great. Arghhhh.

I’m knitting a dress – I worked on it today while subway-ing down to the library. I’ve knit the bodice and am working on the skirt separately, then I’ll three-needle bind them off together. Problem is, I think I might be a bit short on the yardage for the skirt. I’m using Southwest Trading Company Beyond, which is definitely discontinued, possibly not even really released widely? I only got 4″ of skirt out of one ball. I only have four total to do the skirt.

In an effort to get more fabric, I’m going to up the needle size each ball – it’ll give the skirt a bit of a flare, and stretch the yardage. I need at least 16″ of skirt to be decent (which yes, I should get) so I’m really hoping this’ll work. Otherwise I suppose I could make a contrast hem or something.

Okay. Enough with the stalling…I’m so close!