return of the handspun log cabin

a new log cabin


Really I was a bit fed up with all the wee little bits of handspun lying around, and needed some garter stitch therapy, so on it went! A few hours later (and a few episodes of HBO’s Rome)….

log cabin a few hours later

I’ve used up a number of the smaller bits that I had, but still have rather a large bag of balls of handspun to choose from, and I’m sure more will pop up somewhere. But for now, the blankie is kind of on hold, in favour of this:

one honking back

A fabulous sweatercoat, being knit out of Dream in Color yarn (which lettuce knit will have at the Frolic this Saturday!) – now I’m in a bit of a race with myself to see I could possibly finish this for Saturday. I’m done the back, the left front, and a sleeve, and am a few inches into the second sleeve. Still another honking front and the collar to knit, but then again it’s only Tuesday.

I’ve blocked the left front and the sleeve, not really having enough space to block the back at the moment. I need to mark buttonhole placement too, so I can knit the right front with the holes in the right places!

And….trying to study for an exam tomorrow too (history of medicine, modern period). The easy sleeve knitting is good for studying, though – I close my eyes and try to recite things, and can knit it with my eyes closed.

It’s beautiful again today. If I can finish this soon, I can wear it as a spring coat!

what’s that big yellow thing in the sky?

It was beauuuuutiful here this weekend. Alas, I was stuck inside studying (although Friday I did go out for a short bike ride). Damn. Ah, well, many more nice days to come, right?

I finished the knitting of the Balance cardi (hm, it needs a name):

balance without buttons

Now it just needs buttons! Seven for the front and one on each cuff. I love the picot hem.

pretty picot

Yes, I know that the colour looks completely different in these photos from those in the last entry. Really none of them are right – it’s really this colour:


(Image borrowed, without hotlinking of course, from Purl Soho.)

Lots of other knitting as well, but I’ll have to save those and dole them out as blog fodder for the week! Check out my flickr if you’re impatient.

Oh! One other thing though, I got some pretties in the mail. They’re from Ling Glass on Etsy. I looooove them, and I want others! The red leaf is 1.25 inches high.


P.S. I’ve added a bit more stuff to my destashing photoset, including a lot of 990 yards (!) and also lowered the prices on the other stuff remaining, so that the price now includes shipping. Buy my stuff, please!


The blog and my dashboard were unavailable all night when I tried to post! More in the morning.