Some tidbit of a post is better than none, no? I’ve taken photos of various things in progress, but no time/energy to upload and tinker with them at the moment.

(I can tell I’ve been working in Word a little much when I try to hit apple-S to save this post)

On the school front, I’m getting there. I’ve got one 20-page paper done for Tuesday, most of a linguistics assignment done for tomorrow (I need to go look at that soon and fix up the last little bit) and am working on another 10-pager for Tuesday, which is about halfway there but not going so great. Arghhhh.

I’m knitting a dress – I worked on it today while subway-ing down to the library. I’ve knit the bodice and am working on the skirt separately, then I’ll three-needle bind them off together. Problem is, I think I might be a bit short on the yardage for the skirt. I’m using Southwest Trading Company Beyond, which is definitely discontinued, possibly not even really released widely? I only got 4″ of skirt out of one ball. I only have four total to do the skirt.

In an effort to get more fabric, I’m going to up the needle size each ball – it’ll give the skirt a bit of a flare, and stretch the yardage. I need at least 16″ of skirt to be decent (which yes, I should get) so I’m really hoping this’ll work. Otherwise I suppose I could make a contrast hem or something.

Okay. Enough with the stalling…I’m so close!







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  1. Elspeth Avatar

    Unfortunately Beyond and I have crossed paths – I bought I think 7 skeins in red and haven’t been able to make anything with it. All those bumps make it hard to knit with, I think. Good luck on the dress!

  2. Bruxa Avatar

    Hi :)

    I’m writing from Barcelona, Spain. I started knitting about 4 months ago and now I’m completely hooked on it! I still have lots to learn but I enjoy it a lot :)

    I love your blog and your projects :) I have several of your patterns in bookmarks, looking forward to do them!

    Good luck with school ! I’m doing a second degree at the uni and I’m also fed up with research, writing papers and so on…


  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Not seeing what your dress looks like a contrasting frilly crochet edging could look really nice too if you don’t need extra length when you’re done as much as some finishing flare.

  4. Chatty Ali Avatar

    Stay strong on the schoolwork! I always find that last stretch the absolute hardest. It sounds like the skirt will work out with a larger needle size–I’m sure a contrast hem would be fun to play with too, though, even if it is short. Take care and good luck!

  5. juno Avatar

    well, the nice thing is that is that any cotton yarn should drop a bit…so your 16 inches will but 18 or more a soon as you wear it a bit.

  6. hesira Avatar

    Hi! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for replying to my email regarding the O’Leary Cabled Cardigan from VK fall 06. It’s finished and up on my blog, so stop by and check it out, if you’d like.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I hope your dress works out as you want, and your paper gets written!

  7. Susan Avatar

    16″ was the perfect length for my skirts… when I was 21, and sewing all my skirts and dresses!
    Don’t even ask when that was.

  8. Susan Avatar

    I apologize for the typo in my website, and for not fixing it sooner. I’m only commenting it again in the hopes that this will fix it.
    ignore me

  9. Emy Avatar

    Cotton really does droop a lot more when it’s done as a dress depending on your drape so you may not really have to worry about running out of yarn! :)

  10. Leigh Avatar

    Knitting a dress!?!?! Wow, I’m impressed. It takes me a year just to do one sweater.

  11. The Procrastiknitter Avatar

    I can’t believe you are knitting a dress! So ambitious! Can’t wait to see it!

  12. Roro Avatar

    Oh, memories about schoolwork..I’ve never knit as much as I did during the last months of my master thesis, it was the only thing that made me somewhat relaxed. Reading or watching TV gave my brain too much info that it didn’t have the capacity to process at that time. Good luck with both knitting and schoolwork!

  13. Janet Avatar

    ugh, i have been not working ENOUGH in word… *sigh* strangly, my paper does not seem to want to write itself. my knitting does, however, want to knit itself. i sit down to take a “break” and next thing i know I’ve got like half a scarf. weird how that works…

  14. RoseM Avatar

    Hope you are doing ok and not buried under books and yarn (ok, maybe buried under yarn is fine). Have missed your postings.

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