laura loves lara

Laura also loves:

– finishing 3 papers (and on time)
– finishing one last embryology test
– being done undergraduate classes FOREVER

Still three exams to go. But at least they a) don’t start for more than a week and b) are spread out so I can study for each.

And Lara? LOVE.


Pattern: Lara from Debbie Bliss’ “Alpaca Silk”
Yarn: DB Alpaca Silk (aran) in Teal, 14 skeins (the exact number called for with less than half a skein left over)
Needles: Denise US 7

Love, love, love this sweater. It’s so cushy and soft, and warm, and was a fast and easy knit. Very satisfying. I’ll definitely knit this one again, maybe in something like handspun in stripes or something? Or a Noro?

I wore it with a two-pronged hair thingy with a butterfly on it the other night, but now I seem to have lost the hair thingy – very unfortunate. On the plus side, I did find that other wooden hair stick that I love so much for closing sweaters. I wore Lara today just open, and it’s really comfy that way – some of my other ones I prefer to wear closed.

Laid out (colour’s more accurate in the first photo):

lara flat

I do believe I’m back on the blogging thing! It was a hard week (with lots of studying yet to come) but everything’s getting just that much closer to actually being DONE.



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43 responses to “laura loves lara”

  1. Kellie Avatar

    lara is gorgeous, love that subtle colour! I am in awe of your ability to knit and study and work – good luck with your remaining exams.

  2. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    Wowee!! Congratulations on finishing up some big things!

    Love Lara- great color on you.

  3. susie Avatar

    Nice sweater – inerestingly I saw the baby version over at Fricknits earlier and was just thinking what a shame it is that babies get all the cute stuff!

  4. nishanna Avatar

    Congratulations on everything. I remember the breath of relief when i was done with my last day of undergrad. My actual graduation was nothing compared to that last bus ride home.

  5. susie Avatar

    Lies! it was at two left needles. my bad!

  6. Emily Avatar

    nice job–the fit is really nice and it looks very comfortable.

  7. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    Congrats! I’m done papers too — just waiting, I mean studying, for finals.

    Lara looks super comfy and cute.

  8. Tui Avatar

    It´s so beautiful, the color is so wonderful!

  9. kristin Avatar

    I have always wanted to make that sweater and you’ve convinced me to finally put it on the docket. Handspun – what a great idea. THAT I can afford. :)

    Beautiful work!

  10. adrienne Avatar

    Looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  11. Jocelyn Avatar

    Our store sample is in exactly the same colorway. It’s beautiful. BTW, I finished your top-down raglan cardi the other day and already have two requests for the same sweater. I’ll send you a picture. Looks like I will be making the sweater at least twice more :-),

  12. Amy Avatar

    Congrats on a finishing school and a fantastic sweater!

  13. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Laura, my pet, what ISN’T a fast knit for you?

    Lara looks great. I now want one. And YAAAAAAAAAAY for no more undergrad classes!

  14. jaya Avatar

    It looks great. Congrats on almost being finished with undergraduate classes!

  15. alison Avatar

    First of all, congratulations on getting your papers done and finishing your classes! (Forever!) I’m still writing…. And I love that sweater — great fit and colour on you.

  16. Robyn Red Bird Avatar
    Robyn Red Bird

    Congrats and good luck on your exams. Lara is lovely Laura!

  17. Robin Avatar

    Lara looks beautiful, Laura! I made this one myself and love it. Good luck with your exams.

  18. sappmama Avatar

    Congratulations on both your sweater and your undergraduate success!

  19. Alison Avatar

    Beautiful sweater! And you do look very relaxed. :)

  20. Wanda Avatar

    Congrats on finishing up some important papers. Good luck with the exams and soon you’ll be done! Lara looks awesome. Seeing your finished version makes me like much more than others I’ve seen.

  21. Romi Avatar

    That looks amazing on you! And congrats on finishing your classes and papers! Woooo!

  22. Julia Avatar

    Congratulations!! That must feel soo good. I remember that feeling from a couple years ago, there’s nothing better! And your sweater looks so casual, comfy, and gorgeous. I love the color!

  23. Crystal Avatar

    Congrats on finishing your undergrad classes and that gorgeous sweater!

    Question! I remember you knit the Sideways Spencer (and helped me out with that, thanks so much). I’m still working on mine, but recently I’ve read some posts about how knitting things sideways causes them to stretch out widthwise over time. How’s your Spencer holding up now? Has it grown, or does it still fit well?

  24. Robin Avatar

    Lara looks really great! Congrats on almost being DONE with undergrad. Graduate school is not as hellacious.

  25. Lara Avatar

    Thanks! I love you too :)

  26. Kelly Avatar

    Lara looks great! I just finished a Debbie Bliss Baby Poncho and it was a great pattern (well great to me since it was my first multi-ball project and first cables) and the cashmere was scrumptious…I’ve got my eye on a couple of other DB projects now!

    Congrats on Lara and on school.

  27. Lisa Avatar

    Yeah for finishing Lara and your undergraduate classes!!! Which one are you happier about finishing? Just kidding.

    Good luck on your final 3!

  28. Tucker Avatar

    That looks delish. You are such a fantastic knitter.

  29. ck Avatar

    Lara looks great on you! Congrats on being almost finished with your undergrad :)

  30. Thalia Avatar

    The Lara sweater looks lovely – simple, beautiful, and comfortable.

    And the Laura person looks so happy! I’m glad you are close to the end of this exam period – will you be celebrating soon?

  31. Laura Avatar

    *Gorgeous* sweater! Good luck with your last two exams. You’re nearly there!

  32. Siri Avatar

    Very pretty and such a nice fit! I don’t know how you do it all with your studying and working, too. I can only imagine how much more knitting you’ll be able to get to when you’re done with papers and finals. Hang in there.

  33. Debbie Avatar

    H Laura!

    Congratulations on finishing your papers…more time to knit!!?

    Lara looks great! Nice fit and looks like it will be a fun one to wear open or closed.

    Happy Knitting!

  34. Peggy Avatar

    It’s really pretty! In the DB book it looked a bit blah but it certainly looks great on!

  35. Tandi Avatar

    Beautiful sweater. It looks great on you.

  36. susan Avatar

    i love your sweater! is the pattern from a DB book?

  37. eyeleen Avatar

    love the sweater, I started one a while back, I think you have just inspired me to complete it.

  38. claudine Avatar

    Beautiful sweater! I love the colour.

  39. Jodie Avatar

    Oooooo….. seemless. I’m going to have to check this one out. Thanks!

  40. Jessi Avatar

    I love that sweater! The color is so pretty and it looks really comfy.

    I have a question for you about Serrano. I’m just about finished–now working on the collar and then I’ll slip stitch it together. My only problem is that on Knitty there’s a link to a site that shows how to do slip stitch, but the site doesn’t exist anymore from what I can tell. I tried to Google slip stitch but I don’t think what I’m finding is right. Could you please let me know how to do it? Because that would be awesome. By the way I absolutely loved knitting it, and the pattern was very well-written and easy to follow. It’s beautiful! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :)

  41. Martha Avatar

    Hi there – popping over after coveting the Thermal pattern on Knitty for quite some time! I’m looking forward to knitting it up for next winter’s wear. Lovely blog and really nice job on Lara too.

  42. Nathalie Avatar

    Hi,Please help me with the meaning of “so”,which is used 3 x’s in the D Bliss “Lara” pattern. Thanks,Nathalie

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