the last FO of 2006

Well, this was a good, fairly happy, productive year. It went by too fast! I don’t think I’ll be compiling the whole ‘list of FOs’ that I’ve seen other places (although it might actually be fun) but I do know I knit an awful lot this year! Remember Limerick, my Olympic sweater? Now there was good times.

The yarn from the end of the last post was Handmaiden 12-ply cashmere. Say it with me: yummmmmmm. I bought 2 skeins of it at the lettuce knit boxing day sale (just because I was workin’ doesn’t mean I wasn’t buyin’) and turned it into this awesome neckwarmer.

This is actually the third incarnation of the neckwarmer, but luckily third time was the charm. First two times it was too big – 64 sts on 9 mm, then 54 sts. This one is 50 sts on 8 mm and fits perfectly, nice and snug. Just alternating st st and rev st st to make it easy to scrunch.

More on new yarn and maybe even the first FO of 2007 soon to come. Party hard, and have a drink for me!

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sweater lub

Last sweater FO of 2006.

Cabled Cardigan
Pattern: #19 from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006
Yarn: Elann Highland Chunky in Oxford Grey Heather, or something like that
Needles: Denise US 10

Love, love, LOVE this sweater. It’s so cozy and easy to wear – I’ve worn it three times this week, including on Christmas. New favourite sweater, for sure. I *think* it took less yarn than called for, but I can’t quite remember at the moment. I had ordered 18 balls back in the day, it took less than 15.

Check errata before starting this pattern! It had quite a few problems, some of which are posted on the Vogue website, and some of which I posted here. I had a bit of trouble with the collar/buttonband – I picked up fewer stitches and had to adjust, but that wasn’t really a pattern problem. I didn’t do the doubled-over collar, as I felt it would be too heavy. I love the shawl collar.

The sleeves ended up a bit too long, but it’s fine – as you can see, I just roll ’em up. Perfect for being available to be rolled down over cold hands. I didn’t have any buttons on hand at the moment, so trusty Sweater Stick (really a hair stick) it was.

More of the front cables:

A sneak peek of the next FO…

Christmas was good. I got some DVDs and CD’s, gift certificates, a cool book about food, a veggie cookbook, a pasta maker (now if only I could eat gluten…). Nothing super spoil-y, but I was glad to have a fairly quiet holiday. I made butternut squash and creamed spinach gratin and OH MY GOD it was so good. Seriously, make it now. It’s pretty damn rich, though, so share it with some people. And now I’m off dairy again (had a reaction) so I can’t even eat the leftovers!

Anyway, I didn’t get any knitty gifts but I did wear my new sweater at the big dinner on Christmas day. And I didn’t manage to take a photo of it. But, tomorrow I’m planning on having a nice quiet day at home (I don’t have nearly enough of them) doing crafty stuff and various stuff that just needs to get done, and a photo shoot is one of those things! Seriously, it’s a fabulous sweater.

Last week at the lettuce knit holiday party, I knit blissfully along on the back of the Bell-Sleeved Jacket only to come home and realize…

hey, that looks wayyyyy too small. Compared to quite a close-fitting t-shirt:

Yeeeeeah. I cast on for the smallest size to try and minimize the flare, but I forgot to not decrease so much for the waist. So I had to rip it back to before the decreases. I kept a few, and am now doing increases up to the biggest bust size – that means no cable crosses on the back, but I’m okay with that. It’s just ribbed – easy knitting, but not so easy as stockinette.

I worked the lettuce knit boxing day sale today and I’m just bagged. I bought lots of yummy yarn (really, lots) so perhaps I’ll get a photo of that in the morning. Nighty night!