xmas knitting

Heh, heh. Whenever I think “xmas” now, I think Futurama. Ahhhh.

So that’s the extent of my gift knitting – a pair of Trekking socks for my aunt. Everyone else is getting bought presents, and I’m just not giving as many this year, either. Not really feeling christmas-y, to be honest. But my aunt will much appreciate these.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been finishing up something new and knitty to be worn tomorrow – feels like the first finished thing in a long time! I’m feeling the finishing frenzy. Hopefully that means a few more things off the needles soon!

So the cabled cardi is done! The knitting was done quite awhile ago but I just didn’t feel like doing the seaming. It’s just being lightly spray blocked since I want to wear it tomorrow – I also don’t have any buttons, but it looks great just open too. Pictures of it being modeled tomorrow, I think. For those asking/will ask, it’s #19 from Vogue’s Fall 2006 issue. I used Elann Highland Chunky and it came out absolutely super. The sleeves especially fit great, and I really like the shawl collar (modified from the original).

That’s it for now – time to kick back and do some fun knitting. My family doesn’t really do anything on Christmas Eve, so we’re just cleaning up like crazy for the big family get-together at our house tomorrow. I’m planning on doing the modified-coconut-cheesecake thing tonight, as minis (muffin cups)! Should be interesting. And tomorrow, I’m planning on doing stuffed squash and some veggies. And mashed sweet potatoes!

I’ll leave you with something that’s been making me smile (and getting stuck in my head) this xmas season…a little Peter Griffin. Happy Holidays!

all i want for christmas

Yummmmm. I am in serious love with this yarn – The Fibre Co. Terra. It’s merino, alpaca and silk and has just the MOST AMAZING COLOURS EVER. Seriously. They’re very deep and complex, and look overdyed or something.

Anyway, I’m knitting up the grownup bonnet from Knit 2 Together (it’s a bonnet attached to a scarf) because I need something to cover my head and look pretty stupid in most hats (plus I almost always wear a ponytail, especially in winter). Oh, and yes, I know about Calorimetry. I should make one of those soon.

Of course, since it’s ridiculously warm here – okay, maybe not ridiculously, it’s still freezing at night – I don’t have THAT much of an urgent need for these things, nor the *cough* large number of sweaters I have on the needles. And yet I still keep casting on, and wanting to start new project, etc…

I’m aiming to have the grey cabled cardi from Vogue (it’s Fall 2006 for those wondering) done up for christmas. And maybe sew up a silk skirt out of some dupioni that I bought a little while ago. The cream bell-sleeve jacket is going swimmingly too – I got a good chunk of the back done at the lettuce knit party, and it’s just really fun knitting. I think my plain knitting is going a bit slower because it’s a bit boring…but I love stockinette! It should be going faster!

On the sweet front, I tried making some carob balls (carob, coconut, almond, milk, stevia) and….eh. They’re okay. Pretty rich tasting so it kind of kills the craving, but I’m not sure I like carob. Next up is to make some almond-type cookies and maybe try to find a rice flour shortbread recipe. I’m still thinking about how to best adapt a coconut cheesecake recipe that I found in a magazine – it doesn’t have much sugar in the filling (it’s a no-bake) so I could just sweeten it with stevia; it doesn’t have eggs; I could use an almond-meal crust.

Hope it’s warm and comfortable where you are, filled with laughter and wool! I’ll be around the next while, but I know some of you won’t be, so – happy holidays!

suggestions needed

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the blankie! I love it too :)
First, the knitting.

I’ve started the Bell Sleeve Jacket form Vogue (Holiday 2006) and I love it. Based on some recommendations made by Rose, I’m adjusting a few things – I cast on for the smallest size to try and control the flare, and increased up to the largest size (35″ – wtf?) for the bust. I also left out one of the leaves at the side, in the hopes the flare won’t be too crazy. I also lengthened the body by working an extra diamond pattern.

It’s a fast, fun knit – I’m using Knitpicks Andean Silk and I think it’s a good match. The yarn is nice, smooth and shows off the cables really well. And I finished the second front today!

So it’s on to the back, amidst a couple of different deadlines for other things. Bah.

Now, onto diet-related: I did three weeks of the elimination diet and then one week where I reintroduced dairy (no reaction – yay!) and wheat (iffy – will try again later). I’ve decided to keep going with the reintroduction through Christmas, rather than taking a break and having to do more elimination after.

The problem? Actual food isn’t so much trouble; I’ve been coming up with things to eat (lots of lentils). It’s the sweet treats. I NEED something sweet I can make! So very hard with all the restrictions.

Does anyone have suggestions of sites, books, or specific recipes? Mixes, even – so many I’ve found have corn or potato starch, or cane juice, or ask you to put in eggs. I can’t use powered egg replacer because of the corn and potato. Darn you potatoes! I’m desperate here!

– rice flours
– oil
– applesauce
– tapioca starch
– arrowroot (or I can use it to replace cornstarch)
– stevia
– nuts – almonds, walnuts, macadamia, hazelnut
– coconut
– dairy (butter! and cream and stuff)
– fruit (except bananas and citrus, lemon OK)
– carob
– buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth

Not OK (so difficult):
– gluten (wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye)
– sugar/honey/molasses/maple syrup/etc.
– potato starch
– corn products
– eggs
– peanuts, cashews
– bananas, citrus
– soy products/flours

I *think* that’s it. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!