Last sweater FO of 2006.

Cabled Cardigan
Pattern: #19 from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006
Yarn: Elann Highland Chunky in Oxford Grey Heather, or something like that
Needles: Denise US 10

Love, love, LOVE this sweater. It’s so cozy and easy to wear – I’ve worn it three times this week, including on Christmas. New favourite sweater, for sure. I *think* it took less yarn than called for, but I can’t quite remember at the moment. I had ordered 18 balls back in the day, it took less than 15.

Check errata before starting this pattern! It had quite a few problems, some of which are posted on the Vogue website, and some of which I posted here. I had a bit of trouble with the collar/buttonband – I picked up fewer stitches and had to adjust, but that wasn’t really a pattern problem. I didn’t do the doubled-over collar, as I felt it would be too heavy. I love the shawl collar.

The sleeves ended up a bit too long, but it’s fine – as you can see, I just roll ’em up. Perfect for being available to be rolled down over cold hands. I didn’t have any buttons on hand at the moment, so trusty Sweater Stick (really a hair stick) it was.

More of the front cables:

A sneak peek of the next FO…

35 Responses to “sweater lub”

  1. Karma

    Now I really want to make this sweater! Did you make it shorter than the pattern calls for? The picture in the magazine looks long… anyway, yours looks so much better on you than it does on the model in VK; the fit is much better on you. Stylin’!!

  2. hpny knits

    great sweater! looks very cosy. I like your collar better.
    and I love the new yarn on the block… oooooh, what will it be?

  3. Susan

    Love the sweater! I want to make one now, but I have twist waiting in the wings… so many lovely sweaters out there…

  4. Amy

    I wanted to make this as soon as I bought the magazine so I’ve been eagerly awaiting yours. It’s beautiful!

  5. Jo

    Wow – it’s gorgeous! I have to say that I really admire your tenacity and ability to finish sweaters :)

  6. Laura

    Wow! I can see where that would be an instant favorite. It looks so comfy, but stylish and fitted! Way to go!

  7. alison

    I love it with the sweater stick! I bet you’ll wear that sweater all the time — it looks great, and so comfy. Happy new year!

  8. Julia

    Oh, awesome sweater! It’s beautiful. =) I love your method of closing cardigans…it looks really cute! =)

  9. kris

    oh i love that one! it looks great on you! damn, i just declared my hatred of knitting cables, but this cardi is just gorgeous.

    happy new year!

  10. kelp!

    What a gorgeous sweater! It looks great on you, and the turned-up cuffs look like a design feature to me.

  11. Bente B

    The sweater is absolutely gorgeous! It fits you perfect! Love the pin too, looks so much better than a button :D

  12. Katie

    The sweater looks great! Why did I not recognize the pattern’s potential when I saw it in the magazine? (This is a question I regularly ask myself).

  13. stephanie

    Hi ! I have looked for this magazine but I found a few Vogue magazines for fall 2006, can you tell me in which one it actually is ? (Like what’s on the cover) I love it and I have to make it too !! :)

  14. mmj

    This looks hot. Seriously. It is a beautiful sweater and the use of a stick just makes it that more yummy.

    Great work, Laura.


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