Christmas was good. I got some DVDs and CD’s, gift certificates, a cool book about food, a veggie cookbook, a pasta maker (now if only I could eat gluten…). Nothing super spoil-y, but I was glad to have a fairly quiet holiday. I made butternut squash and creamed spinach gratin and OH MY GOD it was so good. Seriously, make it now. It’s pretty damn rich, though, so share it with some people. And now I’m off dairy again (had a reaction) so I can’t even eat the leftovers!

Anyway, I didn’t get any knitty gifts but I did wear my new sweater at the big dinner on Christmas day. And I didn’t manage to take a photo of it. But, tomorrow I’m planning on having a nice quiet day at home (I don’t have nearly enough of them) doing crafty stuff and various stuff that just needs to get done, and a photo shoot is one of those things! Seriously, it’s a fabulous sweater.

Last week at the lettuce knit holiday party, I knit blissfully along on the back of the Bell-Sleeved Jacket only to come home and realize…

hey, that looks wayyyyy too small. Compared to quite a close-fitting t-shirt:

Yeeeeeah. I cast on for the smallest size to try and minimize the flare, but I forgot to not decrease so much for the waist. So I had to rip it back to before the decreases. I kept a few, and am now doing increases up to the biggest bust size – that means no cable crosses on the back, but I’m okay with that. It’s just ribbed – easy knitting, but not so easy as stockinette.

I worked the lettuce knit boxing day sale today and I’m just bagged. I bought lots of yummy yarn (really, lots) so perhaps I’ll get a photo of that in the morning. Nighty night!






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  1. Karma Avatar

    Ooooh, that gratin looks yummy. I put it in my recipe box at epicurious. So. Many. Good. Recipes.

    Your Bell Sleeved Jacket is coming along well; thank goodness you compared the sizing before you got too far into the back piece. :)

  2. hpny knits Avatar

    it looks better like that. 2/2 ribbing is great! I have done a few things in this rib lately and really enjoyed the rhythm.
    can’t wait to see the goodies from the sale…

  3. Jen Avatar

    You can make gluten free pasta with quinoa or amaranth or rice flour :)

  4. scout Avatar

    Oh that looks like a cool knit!

  5. Amy Avatar

    I can’t wait to try the gratin! Have you ever tried this nut roast:
    I’ve been vegetarian for about 7 months and I made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s absolutely delicious and non-vegetarians love it too.

  6. LizW Avatar

    I like it better without the cable crosses! Those nice swooping ribs are cool.

  7. holly Avatar

    The gratin looks great! Then the recipe from Amy as well… wow! My favorite cookbook (Madhur Jaffrey’s “World Vegetarian”) went away with friends this fall and until i replace it, great recipes like this are a life-saver for me.

    The sweater looks wonderful, can’t wait to see more pictures.

  8. Gina Avatar

    I cannot even contemplate that gratin as it looks like a pig-out fest waiting to happen. As far as your elimination diet, please review your cosmetics and skincare. I found wheat protein in my face wash, and if I had Celiac (I’m only gluten intolerant), this could be trouble. You may also find grains, diary, etc lurking in your beauty items.

  9. Julia Avatar

    Oh, I like this new sweater a lot! Nice color, neat style. =)

  10. otismurph Avatar

    I’ve been off dairy for four years now- luckily I’m OK with gluten, though. It’s rough at first, but it does get better! There are so many more dairy substitutes available now than there were even four years ago.

    If you haven’t already, check out Amy’s Kitchen frozen entrees- they have a bunch of dairy & gluten free ones and they’re delicious! My local non-health food grocery store has them.

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