full o’ fibre

Now that term’s over (no school for five whole days! and then only 5 hours of lecture per week!) I’ve finally got time for a proper update…and time to start lots of new projects.

First up: a Chickami, out of Southwest Trading Company Bamboo in “Chocolate”, which is SO not chocolate. It’s working up a bit harsh, but I’ve hoping a wash will help with that.

I’ve also started a little ankle sock, out of Fortissima Cotton Colori, bought off Elann a while back.

I ended up having to rip back the first time because it was too big, but it’s coming along nicely now! Anyway, today I hope to a) knit a few swatches for the class I’m teaching Sunday (on fixing mistakes), b) weave in the ends on “no stripes go round” and maybe steam it a bit, and c) work on sideways spencer.

Next up, in spinning – I finished up the blue merino/silk and got a total of about 250 yards of bulky.

And what’s this?

Why, it’s a pile of Fleece Artist merino roving, to tide me over until my big fibre order comes in!

Stay cool!

p.s. I finished the skirt for my sister, but no pictures for a while because she took it on the family vacation (I get to stay home and knit!).

raspberry cone

I’ve been working on my sister’s skirt – she wants to wear it tomorrow, the last day of school. I’m almost done, but it also needs to be washed.

Just another purl roound and I’m a-binding off. It’s going to be a picot bindoff though, so it may take awhile. Then there’s the drawstring, the sewing in of ends (I had started the project with a wound-off ball from the cone).

Also, no stripes go round is alllllmost done!

As you can see, one underarm is done while the other is not. The bottom edge folds up, but I hear that fixation lies flat after steaming, so I’m going to try that. Otherwise, the fit is pretty good (I should’ve done some shaping, but it was supposed to be a mindless project), so this neverending project should be done soon!

Just one other thing, in spinning: some blue merino/silk. This turned out quite even, and fluffy!


With a grumpy look, to boot (grrrr, school).

Tivoli tee
Pattern: by Grumperina, with mods
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, Strawberry Cream, 2 and a bit skeins
Needles: Denise US7
Started: June 1, 2005
Finished: June 21, 2005

After knitting the entire top as written, it was way too big. So, I ripped all the way back to the yoke and knit the body again, with some changes – ended up being about a 35″ bust, after washing, for my 36″ bust:

– I did a total of 11 yoke increases
– on the last yoke round before the armhole bindoffs, I purled across the sleeve stitches to combat curling
– I cast on 16 stitches for the underarm
– I did the shaping at the sides
– I purled 1 row before casting off the bottom knitwise.

Comfy and definitely wearable! Thanks for the inspiration Grumps!