raspberry cone

I’ve been working on my sister’s skirt – she wants to wear it tomorrow, the last day of school. I’m almost done, but it also needs to be washed.

Just another purl roound and I’m a-binding off. It’s going to be a picot bindoff though, so it may take awhile. Then there’s the drawstring, the sewing in of ends (I had started the project with a wound-off ball from the cone).

Also, no stripes go round is alllllmost done!

As you can see, one underarm is done while the other is not. The bottom edge folds up, but I hear that fixation lies flat after steaming, so I’m going to try that. Otherwise, the fit is pretty good (I should’ve done some shaping, but it was supposed to be a mindless project), so this neverending project should be done soon!

Just one other thing, in spinning: some blue merino/silk. This turned out quite even, and fluffy!






5 responses to “raspberry cone”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    All so beautiful! Love that skirt!

  2. Vicki Avatar

    Everything is looking so good! I love the skirt, so pretty. Good luck getting it done :)

  3. blossom Avatar

    wow, the purple skirt looks very nice!!!

  4. Samantha Avatar

    Awesome! The purple skirt is really pretty. And your shirt is great too! :) What is a picot bind off?

  5. Erin Avatar

    Hey, what pattern do you use for the knit skirts? I wasn’t sure if I’d like them , but after seeing the store model, yours, and now this one I’m into the idea. Let me know! Thanks.

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