i can sleep in tomorrow

Just got back from a birthday party, and am realizing how very tired I am – will probably spend the next 10 hours or so sleeping, which I haven’t been able to do in weeks. Anyway, on to the knitting!

I’ve got a good half a sleeve done of the Retro-Prep, and this is going to be one comfy sweater! Yay for raglans!

The Lorna’s sock didn’t see much action today, but here’s a progress shot anyway.

Yum. I can’t wait to wear these socks!

And now for replies to some comments…
Susan – yeah, that’s what I figured about the neckline. Even thought of the short-rows! I’ll just have to see how wide I actually want the neckline when I get there, I suppose.
Marie – I was thinking of doubling to get worsted gauge. But I just looked at the page again and realized that you only get 100 m per 25 g skein, so you’d need at least 20 for any sort of top. I think a nice wrap would be gorgeous.

Okay, I’m freezing and exhausted so off to bed I go! Night!

blankety goodness

Check out the pictures on Dani’s blog! It came out super great and I think she was really surprised.

Anyway, this is a rather short and boring post, but I turned the heel on the second Lorna’s laces sock and am in the home stretch! For some crazy reason I thought I’d be able to finish it tonight, but that’s just because I’m nuts. Oh, and I worked on the body of Retro-Prep today as well, and am about two inches away from the underarm. Soon to be stuck on sleeve island – I’ve decided to go with the sleeves as written, which is kind of different for me. I will be changing the neckline though, because I want a wider, more boatneck line.

Once these two wool sweaters are done (retro-prep and knitty project) I’m movin’ on to spring stuff! I mean, of course I won’t abandon wool. But I’m going to pick up the Lo Tech sweat and work on that. Cotton-ease is just so cozy and comfy, works up fast, and will be perfect to throw on when it gets a little warmer (please, let this winter end…).

Pictures to come soon! Maybe even tonight!

P.S. Oh, Elann, why must you torment me so…I want some Baby Silk. I even have a credit now (uh…that could be a bad thing, since it means I’ve spent over, what, $660 CDN there?). Okay. I must exercise some restraint.


Whew. That school thing really takes up a lot of time and energy, hm? Luckily I’ve got a (very wee) bit of a break…before I need to start working on some assignments due next week and the week after. But no more tests until finals – I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Anyway, I’ve made a bit of progress on the knitting front – mainly on the maybe-knitty project, but I also got the first Lorna’s laces sock done! I’ve started into the second one and am almost done the leg, and I’ve yet to start the second ball.

I also received a bunch of stuff from Denise – my US 6 needle tip broke a while ago, and I took the opportunity to also order some extra cords and things from them. So now I’m slowly putting the Retro-Prep back on the needle. I’m not sure what I want to do about the sleeves – I like a looser cuff, so I was going to start with more stitches and increases fewer times. I might still do that, but I’m almost feeling like I want to cast on ALL the stitches and not have to deal with increases at all. We’ll see, I suppose.

What else, what else… I’ve got lots of designs on the brain, lots of fun spring/summer things. I hope I’ll have some time soonish to try them out!