Month: October 2004

  • sunny days and rain*

    This is a Big Post. Item #1: the Weather (how Canadian of me!)It went from this: to this: in a matter of, oh, less than two hours. Weather is cool. Item #2: FO number one: Christmas scarf number one. Christmas scarf #1.Dimensions: about 48″ by 5.5″, unstretchedPattern: pattern by meYarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (not […]

  • short and sweet

    Almost done the scarf for my aunt. One skein should be just enough for a good-length scarf. I dressed as goth-y as I get for a party tonight. Black corset laced with satin ribbon (made it last summer, ie. 2003), a sheer lacey top over it, long black skirt, black knee socks, spiked leather collar, […]

  • end of the week, sort of.

    So my camera batteries died and I have no photos. And I won’t be home tomorrow, so no nothing then. Boring blogger! Anyway, tonight I watched “Possession” with Gwyneth Paltrow and the yummy Aaron Eckhart, and knit various things. I finished the first sleeve of my sweater, which is just the right length. There are […]