end of the week, sort of.

So my camera batteries died and I have no photos. And I won’t be home tomorrow, so no nothing then. Boring blogger!

Anyway, tonight I watched “Possession” with Gwyneth Paltrow and the yummy Aaron Eckhart, and knit various things. I finished the first sleeve of my sweater, which is just the right length. There are a couple of major things about the sweater that bother me.

1) The raglan is too long. Thanks a lot, raglan generator (I even made it shorter than it said!).
2) The ribs on either side of my main cable don’t stand out because I was stupid and only did 1 purl stitch before the two-stitch rib.
3) The sleeve is weird and baggy in the upper arm. Probable cause: a raglan that is too long, and I picked up too many stitches across under the arm (I bound off 10 and picked up 8). I think this sweater may have to be put in the corner for a time-out.

Argh. Today has not been my day.

Other knitting news: Started a scarf for my Aunt J. It’s beige Cotton Fleece, in a lacey pattern (it’s just yo, k2tog across). It’s quite pretty actually, and getting decently long for only 1 skein. I was going to rip and restart narrower to make sure I get a good length, but who wants to rip 3 feet of scarf (which took several hours)? Not me, at least not enough to actually do it, anyway. I should be able to get….oh, hopefully 5 or 5-and-a-half feet done from one skein, which sounds like a good scarf length for me!

Worked a tiny bit on my Lotech, but I haven’t done much of anything on it. It does seem to knit up quickly, though.

Oh, and I’m working on getting up a gallery of sorts, but I don’t have much time, don’t ya know – so what’s up now will suffice (at least it works) until I get a better format going. Oh, and let me know if anything doesn’t work.






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