happy hallowe’en!

I don’t think we got a single trick-or-treater. I suppose we’ll just have to eat all the candy ourselves – both yum and yuck. Too much sugar, man.

Today at the store, I swapped three skeins of Koigu Kersti for one of Kersti in another colourway, and two of the KPPPM in purples. The Kersti will become a pair of handwarmers for my mum (yeah, I changed my mind again) and the KPPPM will be a two-skein Charlotte for aunt #2, to be used as a little neck scarf. I’ve already started both.

I also started my Must-Have cardigan! I swatched, got gauge, and am currently working on a sleeve. I did make a mistake last night which I had to rip back to today, but I still made progress – about 8-9 inches done on the sleeve. For my first serious cable project, it’s going swimmingly; I’m even cabling without a needle.

That’s about it for now, gotta get back to all that yummy knitting!

oh elann…

Elann’s Peruvian Collection Highland Wool goes on sale tomorrow morning (see the Sneak Peek page) in a whack of colours. Yardage is good, tons of colours, and it’s sooooooo cheap! Argh! I want to buy some, but since I don’t have a pattern in mind (yet) it would just be stashing, and that’s no good…

but I could have a sweater for under 50 bucks!

….but that’s $50 I shouldn’t be spending!

Wait, could I use it for Lara? Hmmmmmmmmmm.