Month: September 2004

  • I was bad

    Uh oh… I flexed my new credit card and bought two skeins of Lamb’s Pride, two skeins of Manos, and a skein of Silken. Technically, only the Silken is off my yarn diet, because the others are for my Tartan Jacket – I was tired of waiting for the other colours I needed, so I’m […]

  • uh oh.

    This credit card thing could be very, very bad for my bank account – just look at the world of possiblities that have opened up to me! Applelaine has GORGEOUS handpainted silks (i’m such a sucker for silk), $35 for in-stock skeins (big skeins, like 300 yds) and $7 shipping anywhere in Canada. They’ve also […]

  • short and sweet

    I got a credit card! A mastercard with a picture of Convocation Hall on it :) Now I’ll be able to buy stuff off the internet! But I’ll be responsible of course, and not spend more than I could afford to debit. I was going to cast on for the ChicKnits LoTech (with mods, of […]