Month: September 2004

  • pictures galore

    warning to dialup users – very image heavy post. Zigzag bag – the final chapter After rejecting this lining: I settled on this cotton fabric. Tracing the outline of the lining. Cutting out the lining with my snazzy Fiskars rotary cutter. The lining. Mattress stitching the side seam of the bag. Crocheting up the bottom […]

  • denoument

    After Denny graciously wove in the ends on my Bella cardigan, all I had left to do was crochet around the neckline and front edges. Neckline, check. I did have problems with single crocheting along the fronts – I tried about three times, but every single time it was wavy and puckery. I think it […]

  • stumper

    Yes, I get stumped sometimes too… How exactly would one pick up and purl? Any ideas? (update on knitting: I’m at the back armhole shaping, so just a few rows away from knitting straight down the back 15″. Unfortunately, my left hand is feeling a bit tingly, so I’m going to try and take the […]