uh oh.

This credit card thing could be very, very bad for my bank account – just look at the world of possiblities that have opened up to me!

Applelaine has GORGEOUS handpainted silks (i’m such a sucker for silk), $35 for in-stock skeins (big skeins, like 300 yds) and $7 shipping anywhere in Canada. They’ve also got Koigu on sale for $11 (although I can see they’re having trouble getting good colourways too). I might actually have to get something from them.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s discountyarnsale.com which has the Cotton-Ease, Cotton Plus and even Lorna’s Laces! Shipping will be steep, though – does anyone want to order some stuff from them soonish? It might take some time to ship. Leslie? Joyce?

Also, it won’t be as difficult to buy stuff from Elann (before I it took over a week to clear EFT from my chequing account), so that could certainly be balance-sucking.

There’s a whole world of fibers that I want to explore, soy silk, bamboo, tencel, and lots of silk…

Sigh. So much yummy yarn, so little time (and money).