troubled waters

Okay, so I’ve officially given up on wearing Jenna tomorrow. The straps are way too long and thus need to be shortened, and there’s a lot of crochet to be done. I’m feeling rather…. eh about her now, for she failed to live up to my expectations. So I think she’ll go away for a little while, whilst I contemplate what to do. Really, I think the top was just a little too naked for me in my current body, and since the body won’t be changing anytime soon, I think this top might just have to go byebye…

It’s alright, though. The great success that was the Ribby Cardie will buoy me through not-so-great projects for a while. Man, I love that sweater! The fit, the cosy feel, the just-throw-it-on-whenever attitude. Woo-hoo!

Time to go and draw.

P.S. The new Magknits is out. I’m underwhelmed, but good on everyone involved for the massive effort anyway!

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Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Oh well.

I went to the cursed somputer store this morning, before work, only to find that while they were willing to replace my faulty memory card and make sure the new one works, their shipment hadn’t yet come in. Argh. Tomorrow morning it is – and this time I won’t go *so* very early.

In the store today I managed to get a couple of inches done on the collar and the sleeves of Blossom, the sweater I’m working on from the Noro Knits book. I hope to finish the first sleeve and get a few inches into the second one tomorrow.

I’m just finishing up Jenna – still gotta seam up one side, attach the straps, and single crochet around the whole deal. I’m still optimistic that I’ll be able to wear it tomorrow to SnB, and I’ll bring my camera so there shall be photographic evidence!

I did take progress pictures, but I just realized about ten minutes ago that I said I’d have some illustrations done for a zine submission by tomorrow. It’s just a few line drawings, but I gotta get them done! Eek!

So many things to do, so little time… hope to see you all at lettuce knit’s snb tomorrow!


I heard this cool thing on CBC Radio One today about Yiddish…it was interesting.

Sorry I don’t have more to say, but it’s late and I currently have borscht-for-brains, as I am that tired.

I’m alllllmost done the knitting on Jenna (I’ve got about three inches of one strap left) and then there’s the sewing up and the crocheted edging. I haven’t really decided whether I want to do that or not – I suppose it depends on if I can find something appropriate to thread through the eyelet-thingies. Maybe some black ribbon. The top, she is…a little nekkid looking, but we shall see. Of course, it’s only when I decide to do one last tank top that the weather turns rather autumn-like.

I think I possibly overdosed on knitting today – at the shop I needed to actually stop knitting for a little while. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll remember to bring a book so that I’m not bored if I need to stop knitting. I also have to get to that stupid computer store before work tomorrow – gotta get up early.

Guess I should go to bed now then, eh?

Pictures and an actual update tomorrow.

P.S. I’ve had over one thousand hits! Cool!

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