Month: August 2004

  • troubled waters

    Okay, so I’ve officially given up on wearing Jenna tomorrow. The straps are way too long and thus need to be shortened, and there’s a lot of crochet to be done. I’m feeling rather…. eh about her now, for she failed to live up to my expectations. So I think she’ll go away for a […]

  • Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Oh well. I went to the cursed somputer store this morning, before work, only to find that while they were willing to replace my faulty memory card and make sure the new one works, their shipment hadn’t yet come in. Argh. Tomorrow morning it is – and this time I […]

  • Oy.

    I heard this cool thing on CBC Radio One today about Yiddish…it was interesting. Sorry I don’t have more to say, but it’s late and I currently have borscht-for-brains, as I am that tired. I’m alllllmost done the knitting on Jenna (I’ve got about three inches of one strap left) and then there’s the sewing […]