I heard this cool thing on CBC Radio One today about Yiddish…it was interesting.

Sorry I don’t have more to say, but it’s late and I currently have borscht-for-brains, as I am that tired.

I’m alllllmost done the knitting on Jenna (I’ve got about three inches of one strap left) and then there’s the sewing up and the crocheted edging. I haven’t really decided whether I want to do that or not – I suppose it depends on if I can find something appropriate to thread through the eyelet-thingies. Maybe some black ribbon. The top, she is…a little nekkid looking, but we shall see. Of course, it’s only when I decide to do one last tank top that the weather turns rather autumn-like.

I think I possibly overdosed on knitting today – at the shop I needed to actually stop knitting for a little while. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll remember to bring a book so that I’m not bored if I need to stop knitting. I also have to get to that stupid computer store before work tomorrow – gotta get up early.

Guess I should go to bed now then, eh?

Pictures and an actual update tomorrow.

P.S. I’ve had over one thousand hits! Cool!

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