I think I f-ed up the eyelet pattern on the back of Jenna. I was stupid and followed the pattern instead of doing what I think it should be.

The first row of the eyelet pattern reads: k2, yo, SKP, knit across to last 4 sts, SKP, yo, k2. Fine. Then there are increases every 8th row on each end of the WS row. But instead of keeping the eyelets in a straight vertical line, I still followed the k2 at the beginning and end of the eyelet rows, so the eyelets slant along the increases. In the picture it looks like there is a fixed distance between the center and side eyelets on the front, even though there are increases on the front as well – which leads me to believe that I didn’t do the back properly.

Oh well. I’ll do the front, and if the slanty eyelets on the back still bug me, I’ll frog and reknit the back – it’s only 12″ anyway.

the last week.

This is the last free week before school starts again on the 9th. Damn.

I’ve finished the back of Jenna, and I’m just past the ribbing on the front – I forgot that I was supposed to use a smaller needle for the ribbing, but oh well. I had only used 1 size smaller for the ribbing, and it doesn’t really look any different than the ribbing on the back. Hopefully I’ve have lots of sitting around today, so I can get a good amount done on this top.

I brought home the two colours of Lamb’s Pride Bulky that I need for the Tartan Jacket that we have in stock – loden leaf and tahiti teal. The rest of the yarn is coming by UPS this time, so hopefully it’ll be in the store next week. I really want to start the jacket, but patience, laura, patience!

I was looking through the flyers and came upon the one from Old Navy. Cheaply made and morally questionable of course, but they do have some cute clothes. Anyway, I noticed that they’ve got a shawl-collared cardigan on sale for $36 (CDN). The shawl collar thing seems to be everywhere these days, and I like it! Maybe I’ll get to making one.

I’ve also been thinking about making a few things that I could sell on consignment in the store – people are always very interested in buying things in our window, and maybe I could capitalize on it with some scarves and ponchos or something.

Oy. Still paying for a little too much last night. An interesting BAC calculator.

digital camera, how I love thee

Kitty hat done!

The back of Jenna – still working on it. Had to frog an inch…argh!

And a picture of most of the Classic Wool I picked up on my 2 trips to Lewiscraft.

The red and the green are off in this picture. So it turns out I’m really drawn to that dark gray mix – I bought another today without realizing I had bought one the last time!

It’s going to be hot hot tomorrow – I think I’ll wear my eyelet skirt.