troubled waters

Okay, so I’ve officially given up on wearing Jenna tomorrow. The straps are way too long and thus need to be shortened, and there’s a lot of crochet to be done. I’m feeling rather…. eh about her now, for she failed to live up to my expectations. So I think she’ll go away for a little while, whilst I contemplate what to do. Really, I think the top was just a little too naked for me in my current body, and since the body won’t be changing anytime soon, I think this top might just have to go byebye…

It’s alright, though. The great success that was the Ribby Cardie will buoy me through not-so-great projects for a while. Man, I love that sweater! The fit, the cosy feel, the just-throw-it-on-whenever attitude. Woo-hoo!

Time to go and draw.

P.S. The new Magknits is out. I’m underwhelmed, but good on everyone involved for the massive effort anyway!

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