Month: July 2004

  • Sorry..

    ..but no pics today. My friend didn’t bring her digital camera to the party, and since I don’t have bluetooth it would be difficult to get pictures off her phone. But, I’m getting closer to my goal of a new digital camera for myself. I received $140 CDN today for my birthday (which is tomorrow, […]

  • Can Canada Post do it?

    I was just about to cast on for my first ChicKami (purchased, of course, from ChicKnits in some blue Bernat CottonTots when I realized that I don’t have a number 5 needle to do the ribbing – my Denise needle snapped last week and I’m still waiting for my replacement. I have high hopes that […]

  • Grand old time…

    …was had at lettuce knit tonight at Stitch ‘n Bitch! I haven’t been there in a few weeks (for s’n b) because it was a hassle to go all the way downtown just for it. The next three Wednesdays though, I’ll be working Brenna’s shifts, so I’ll have no reason not to stay. Tonight I […]