..but no pics today. My friend didn’t bring her digital camera to the party, and since I don’t have bluetooth it would be difficult to get pictures off her phone. But, I’m getting closer to my goal of a new digital camera for myself. I received $140 CDN today for my birthday (which is tomorrow, and I’ll be 20) from my grandma :) My scholarship for the coming school year was also renewed, so between that and the education savings plan that my parents set up for me which is finally paying off, I should actually make some money this year! Future Shop’s also having a sale, so I may pop by on Monday (if they’re open) or Wednesday to look at cameras. At any rate, there shall be a windfall of photos soon, I promise!

Right now I’m working on the crochet edging for my Charlotte. It’s too bad my crochet skills aren’t that great – it should look alright, though. I took my Chickami to the party in the hopes of starting it, but I was distracted (*coughsmirnoffcough*).

Yesterday at work I traded in 9 skeins of Koigu Kersti (soooo beautiful) for 13 skeins of Mission Falls wool in “Denim” and one enormous 8 oz (1050 yd) skein of laceweight mercerized cotton from Blue Heron Yarns. The wool is destined for a simple top-down sweater with a big-ass cable in the front, and I think I’m going to try and use the cotton, doubled, to make the “Stripes Go Round” top (minus stripes) from the Summer issue of Interweave.

Speaking of Interweave, I finally purchased the fall issue yesterday. Love, love, love the tartan jacket. I may just have to make it.

I did receive my box from Elann yesterday, containing a cone of Naturelle 8/8 in Oxford Gray and four balls of the Fixation knockoff yarn. I also got my Denise needle replacement. I love getting mail :)

And one last thing, Carrie linked to little ole me! Awesome!

Can Canada Post do it?

I was just about to cast on for my first ChicKami (purchased, of course, from ChicKnits in some blue Bernat CottonTots when I realized that I don’t have a number 5 needle to do the ribbing – my Denise needle snapped last week and I’m still waiting for my replacement. I have high hopes that it will come in the mail tomorrow so I’ll have something easy and summery (as in, not a black ribbed cardigan) to knit at a party tomorrow night.

I also hope to get my package from Elann. The last box from them was shipped on Monday and got to my house on Friday, so I’m hoping it’s the same this time. Then I can start my Bella cardie from White Lies Designs.

I finished the skirt! I’ll get someone to take some pictures of it tomorrow night and send them to me, so I’ll have something to post. It fits well in the waist, and the eyelets are very pretty. The bottom eyelet portion does sort of a strange wavy thing, but it’s kind of growing on me. Pics soon!

Grand old time…

…was had at lettuce knit tonight at Stitch ‘n Bitch! I haven’t been there in a few weeks (for s’n b) because it was a hassle to go all the way downtown just for it. The next three Wednesdays though, I’ll be working Brenna’s shifts, so I’ll have no reason not to stay. Tonight I got to meet Kelly, Stephanie, and Aven!

I’m rather surprised that Joyce and Aven had already found my blog – I think being part of the GTA knitbloggers ring really helped with that. And I actually have comments! Let’s see if I can get by blog into the big ring (it’s being capped at 500 sites, and new blogs must be at least a month old). And Joyce – some of my livejournal is, well, it’s downright depressing. Be forewarned.

Actual knitting content – I’m still working away on the Eyelet skirt, but I’m getting there. Between tonight and tomorrow during the day (I have school at night), I should be able to finish this one on time. Based on advice given tonight, I’m going to go with the green for the crochet edging on Charlotte…definitely by the weekend, if not sooner.

off to grab a drink and watch me some Law & Order. Love that show.

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