Grand old time…

…was had at lettuce knit tonight at Stitch ‘n Bitch! I haven’t been there in a few weeks (for s’n b) because it was a hassle to go all the way downtown just for it. The next three Wednesdays though, I’ll be working Brenna’s shifts, so I’ll have no reason not to stay. Tonight I got to meet Kelly, Stephanie, and Aven!

I’m rather surprised that Joyce and Aven had already found my blog – I think being part of the GTA knitbloggers ring really helped with that. And I actually have comments! Let’s see if I can get by blog into the big ring (it’s being capped at 500 sites, and new blogs must be at least a month old). And Joyce – some of my livejournal is, well, it’s downright depressing. Be forewarned.

Actual knitting content – I’m still working away on the Eyelet skirt, but I’m getting there. Between tonight and tomorrow during the day (I have school at night), I should be able to finish this one on time. Based on advice given tonight, I’m going to go with the green for the crochet edging on Charlotte…definitely by the weekend, if not sooner.

off to grab a drink and watch me some Law & Order. Love that show.

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