..but no pics today. My friend didn’t bring her digital camera to the party, and since I don’t have bluetooth it would be difficult to get pictures off her phone. But, I’m getting closer to my goal of a new digital camera for myself. I received $140 CDN today for my birthday (which is tomorrow, and I’ll be 20) from my grandma :) My scholarship for the coming school year was also renewed, so between that and the education savings plan that my parents set up for me which is finally paying off, I should actually make some money this year! Future Shop’s also having a sale, so I may pop by on Monday (if they’re open) or Wednesday to look at cameras. At any rate, there shall be a windfall of photos soon, I promise!

Right now I’m working on the crochet edging for my Charlotte. It’s too bad my crochet skills aren’t that great – it should look alright, though. I took my Chickami to the party in the hopes of starting it, but I was distracted (*coughsmirnoffcough*).

Yesterday at work I traded in 9 skeins of Koigu Kersti (soooo beautiful) for 13 skeins of Mission Falls wool in “Denim” and one enormous 8 oz (1050 yd) skein of laceweight mercerized cotton from Blue Heron Yarns. The wool is destined for a simple top-down sweater with a big-ass cable in the front, and I think I’m going to try and use the cotton, doubled, to make the “Stripes Go Round” top (minus stripes) from the Summer issue of Interweave.

Speaking of Interweave, I finally purchased the fall issue yesterday. Love, love, love the tartan jacket. I may just have to make it.

I did receive my box from Elann yesterday, containing a cone of Naturelle 8/8 in Oxford Gray and four balls of the Fixation knockoff yarn. I also got my Denise needle replacement. I love getting mail :)

And one last thing, Carrie linked to little ole me! Awesome!






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