100% fleece artist

New handspun that I just couldn’t stop spinning – the Fleece Artist 65% wool/35% silk roving from this post. I used 2 50g bundles and came up with a whopping 395 or so yards of yarn! It’s not skinny-skinny, it’s maybe fingering-sportweight, around there. It’s just so soft, smooth and shiny! I looooove it. Wool and silk are my favourite combo of fibres.

Also, here’s a picture of some socks I just finished – basic socks on 60 sts, 3×1 rib cuff and top of foot. Fleece Artist merino sock in ‘Renaissance’.

They’re much darker in real life. Now to get crackin’ on those Jaywalkers!



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10 responses to “100% fleece artist”

  1. mary Avatar

    Ok, I’m delurking to say how beautiful that skein of handspun is. Truly lovely, some of the best handspun I’ve seen (I usually don’t like the way it looks). What are you going to make with it?

  2. grumperina Avatar

    I haven’t spun a yard in my life, but that handspun looks incredible! The colors, the shine… I bet it’s super yummy!

  3. Chris Avatar

    The blue socks are spectacular and your handspun is divine!!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    That is some beautiful handspun and some lovely socks! Me likey.

  5. Colleen Avatar

    That is gorgeous handspun!

  6. Latoya Avatar

    The handspun is beautiful. What will you be making with it? Is your yarn for sale? (I think I’ve asked that before.)

  7. Corrie Avatar

    I went to Romni on Friday, (Fleece Artist heaven), and bought some Kid Silk, probably my absolute favourite fibre combo also.

    Your hand spun is gorgeous!

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Socks are beautiful and the handspun yarn is so luscious!

  9. Julia Avatar

    The colors are so beautiful! And i agree, wool and silk is the best!

  10. RachelH Avatar

    That is just fantastic. It looks so yummy you could just reach out and grab it!

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