The Licorice cardi is finally, finally done!

I had the wonderful Megan H. put in the zipper for me, and she did a most fantastic job.

Licorice cardi
Pattern: see pattern notes
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-ease, Licorice, 5.5 skeins
Needles: Denise US 6 & 7 (4 and 4.5 mm)
Started: April 23, 2005
Finished: May 30, 2005

Pattern notes:
This sweater is a bottom-up raglan, with the body done in one piece and the sleeves in the round. I started from Rosedale, but changed many things. Details:
– knit-in hem on body and sleeves
– front bands done with a knit in slip-stitch facing
– different shaping on both body and sleeves
– pocket from Rogue
– collar…well. I did a rolled collar, but the wrong way. Then I sewed it down with the stockinette side facing out.

Soft, super comfy, machine wash, with a zipper! It’s my new go-to cardi!

Something else finished…finished yarn.

2 skeins of colonial wool top, hand-dyed, bought from eBay. The colours are amazing and it was super easy to spin – although definitely took some time on the drop spindle! (need wheel now.) It’s only about 200 yards total, bulky 2-ply. The spinning and plying are…not that great. But it’s still pretty, and was a learning experience right? Now the question is, what to do with it?



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9 responses to “zippy”

  1. Jill Avatar

    Looks like you’ll be making a new colourful winter scarf!

  2. naomi Avatar

    The sweater looks great!

  3. Diana Avatar

    What a super idea to use the pocket from Rogue! Cardigans with pockets are the best. It looks great!!

  4. grumperina Avatar

    Cute cardi, came out quite nice! As for the handspun, maybe a hat? That’s be cute!

  5. Dani Avatar

    Great cardi lady! Bring it next week so we can see.

    What about a really cool belt/sash type thing that you could wear with jeans? It would be the perfect accesory with a t-shirt and khakis too…..And you could get a cool closure for it, like D-Rings or something

  6. Vicki Avatar

    The cardi looks great. That cotton ease must go pretty far, you only needed 6 skeins? Your yarn is so happy! I vote for a fun hat to chase away those winter blues (whenever winter comes back).

  7. Lauren Avatar

    Beautiful use of Cotton-Ease.

  8. Maggie Avatar

    I like it very much. I have never used Cotton Ease, and I heard it was being discontinued…is that true? I’ve meant to try it, but I haven’t seen it carried in any Walmart or Michaels I’ve been too…are there other stores that carry Lion Brand in Toronto? Where do you get yours?

  9. Maggie Avatar

    Also, what do you mean by “knit in, slip-stich facing”? Do you mean that you didn’t do anything for the front bands except slip the first stitch to create a smooth edge?

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