yarn break!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled wip/rip for this important update…don’t worry, I’ve got lots more on that front! I even took some more photos today to share with y’all. But I thought it was time for a wee break.

Rhinebeck is in two weeks, and I’ve been madly trying to spin up some of the stuff I bought last year before I go buy more stuff! I’m actually doing pretty well, and a few different yarns have come off the bobbin recently…

red/orange bombyx

This firey red/orange pink one is 100% bombyx silk, not quite as searing as it appears in the photo (although it is certainly vivd). Checks in at 178 yards of worsted/chunky – it’s pretty uneven.

bombyx silk

More bombyx silk – pink/purple/gold, 160 yards of worsted/chunky. I was feeling a little impatient when I spun these skeins, hence the thickness and inconsistency! I was originally going to ply the two colours together, but at the last moment decided to just ply them on themselves – a good idea in terms of the colours, but difficult in execution. I had to wind off the two bobbins (one each of the two colours) into balls, then split the balls by weight since plying from both ends of a centre pull ball is a Very Bad Idea. As it was, it was pretty tricky to ply. But they both turned out okay.


Now, this one I’m particularly proud of (the photo too). It’s four ounces of merino/silk, I think it was 50/50, clocking in at 660 yards of a fine fingering weight or heavy laceweight. Enough to do a shawl! And it’s pretty consistent as well. Did I mention soft?

All these fibres were purchased from the Carolina Homespun booth at Rhinebeck last year – I dropped a lot of money at that booth! There’s another two ounces of tussah silk that I’ve been working on from them, spun much finer. I’ve been spinning up some batts and trying to sit down at the wheel for at least a few minutes each day (in all my abundant leisure time!). I’m definitely seeing the difference from more practice these days!







17 responses to “yarn break!”

  1. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Your yarns are gorgeous. I’m a new spinner, and I’m having trouble spinning singles that will ply up to less than a worsted weight. It seems like anytime I try to spin finer, the yarn ends up too weak. Is there a secret, or is it just a matter of practice?

  2. Rachel Avatar

    these are beautiful!

  3. Christy Avatar

    Those are gorgeous! Great job, as even the inconsistant ones look pretty. Oh, to have the space/money/time to learn to spin! One day, one day…

  4. Kathy Avatar

    Nice! The blue merino/silk looks great. I’ve also faced the realization that I haven’t spun nearly enough from Rhinebeck.

  5. Jo Avatar

    I love that red/orange of the first picture. That was what I had been going for with the skein on my blog right now but it is nothing as vibrant as yours.

  6. Jane Avatar

    Oooooo what lovely yarns! I’m excited to see what you’ll make with them. Especially that yummy green.

  7. kodachromeknits Avatar

    Oh these photos so make me want to learn how to spin. Thanks for sharing such beauty with your readers!

  8. Judy H. Avatar

    Lovely! I especially like the fine yarn–I’m partial to colors in that bluey-greeny-gray family.

    I spin both ends of a center-pull ball all the time, to make my singles come out evenly, and rarely have any problems.

  9. Jan Avatar

    Scrumptious, esp. the first reddy coloured one

  10. desiknitter Avatar

    Your yarns are gorgeous, the merino-silk is my favourite, so even and beautiful!

  11. Romi Avatar

    Ooooooooooh. :drool:

  12. Cheryl Avatar

    I thought about that too the other day, that maybe i should spin up some of the stuff from last Rhinebeck before this one comes along. I got distracted though, and never did!

  13. Supernøtt Avatar

    Brilliant skeins! You are a master at the wheel :-D

  14. Kelly Avatar

    These are absolutely beautiful! Love the colours.

  15. deborah Avatar

    while you are frantically spinning up last year’s rhinebeck haul, i’m trying to knit the stuff I bought. I’m down to some odds and ends. Thanks for all of your patterns. I think I’m going to look around Rhinebeck this year for your top down cardi.

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