Saturday was the KW Knitters’ Fair and it rocked. I haven’t bought yarn in awhile (the thing was no yarn/fibre till KW, then no yarn till Rhinebeck) so it was really….satisfying? Hm.

Anyway, I went with KnittyAmy, Diane, and Tamarah, absolutely wonderful yarn-fest companions. Amy’s talk went great, I think. Not too much traffic (more coming back), pho (although no veggie pho for me! had to settle for the same ol’ tofu and veg) and yarn = one good time, and four sleepy gals.

The haul…

From left:
Claudia Handpainted from Pickupsticks, a new online yarn shop specializing in handdyed, handspun and otherwise unique yarns, and run by my pal Connie.
Worsted Polwarth and fingering weight Polwarth/Silk from Rovings (sooo yummy)
Briggs and Little – the blue is Regal, the burgundy is Heritage. How do you say no to $3/skein?!

Yes, there are multiples of each of these. Well, not the Polwarth/Silk, actually – there’s enough yardage in there for a good sized shawl.

I also got a wee bit o’ fibre:

Three balls of superwash merino and a couple of batts (loooove ’em) from Laurie at The Black Lamb in Port Hope. I really got to get out there sometime. I also got a bag of pin-drafted grey alpaca, which is soo very soft.

Car knitting was the plain black alpaca pullover – I’m just about to the sleeve/body division now.

All in all, one very satisfying day. And drinks with the wonderful Sophie at the Rosewater afterward, although I don’t have any photos of that (where’s the photos, Soph?). I actually felt a wee bit of the overwhelm-sion at the show, though – I can’t even image how Rhinebeck will be. At least we’ll have a bit longer to check things out! I can’t wait!



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27 responses to “yaaaarn”

  1. Julie Avatar

    I’ve been waiting all weekend to see your haul. Glad to see it finally. :)

  2. Margaret Avatar

    I was there, too!
    I was so overwhelmed, I only bought 2 skeins of handdyed Merino Wool and 2 knitting magazines.
    My husband couldn’t believe I spent so little, but I think he was relieved. :)

  3. Connie Meeke Avatar

    Thanks for the mention Laura – it was great to see you on Saturday!

  4. Linda Avatar

    Congrats on the Knitty piece. I can’t believe you didn’t even give a hint that you had submitted something. At any rate, I love it!

  5. blakdove Avatar

    I saw your pattern up on Knitty — beautiful job!

  6. Aven Avatar

    Serrano is gorgeous. And the modelled shots are wonderful! Well done! :)

  7. Becky Avatar

    That is one hot chili! It looks great on you. Way to go! I can’t wait to make your wonderful Serrano.

  8. carrie m Avatar

    just saw serrano and wanted to say it’s positively lovely!

  9. Sophie Avatar

    Nice loot, Laura!
    Thanks again for coming to my birthday shindig – it was lovely to have you there. In keeping with the insanity, I misplaced my camera, so don’t have my own photos. I’m wating for Jen and others to post – as soon as I see something out there, I’ll let yiz’ know!

  10. jenna Avatar

    Love the lace cardi on Knitty!!

  11. Erica B. Avatar

    I ‘heart’ your cardi on Knitty! It’s my favorite! You WILL see this one on my blog and a lot of others! It’s fabulous!

  12. Leslie Avatar

    I just saw Serrano on Knitty and it’s gorgeous! That is definitely in my knitting queue.

  13. Elizabeth Avatar

    Laura, gorgeous Serrano over at Knitty. My hands-down favourite .

  14. diane murphy Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! What a great accomplishment to be published in Knitty! I definitely had a great day on Saturday. You are a great navigator! See you Wednesday.

  15. jenny Avatar

    Laura: Just thought I’d delurk to let you know how gorgeous I think Serrano is. Love your blog, you always turn out beautiful pieces. I hope I can get Serrano to turn out half as beautiful as yours!

  16. Jess Avatar

    Lovely job with Serrano! Love the hook & eye closure. And I was just salivating over some Aurora 4 that would be *perfect* for this!

  17. Jill Avatar

    Laura – Serrrano looks great. Congrats.

  18. Shayla Avatar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Serrano! Congratulations on being in Knitty. When I saw the picture I was like, wait…is that cosmicpluto? I can’t wait until I can knit it!

    Anyways, doesn’t it feel great to buy yarn? I wish I could afford to.

  19. krista Avatar

    You are a star! I love your knitty pattern, and if I weren’t a chicken, I would try to knit it right now.

  20. femiknitter Avatar

    I’m a longtime reader now delurking to say congrats on the Serrano patten on Knitty! I love it, and hope to make one of my own by the Spring. Congrats once again!

  21. xiuxiu Avatar

    Good job on serrano.
    I really love it!

  22. dennymcmillan Avatar

    I did my first day at lettuce yesterday.
    And we capped off the day with a sitdown with the knitty.We’re all over this issue,baby. Cause we rock.

  23. Jennifer Avatar

    Congrats on Serrano! My fav pattern of the issue hands down.

  24. Emily Avatar

    I just wanted to come out of lurkdom to say that your serrano pattern is fabulous. I intend to dye some yarn for it and start in a week or two. Love it! You are so talented.

  25. alison Avatar

    Serrano is super hot and spicy! Beautiful job, Laura!

  26. Lise Avatar

    Love, love, love Serrano. That’s definitely my next cardi…. well, along with Lucy…probably. Oh dear, so many projects, so little time!

  27. Amy Avatar

    Yay! I love your Serrano pattern in Knitty. What a hot chili! Can’t wait to see all the interest it sparks in blogland. It’s gonna be hot!

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