why I like my new camera

It takes the pretty pictures.

amy in liesl

(Okay, I’ll give myself a leeetle credit. But man, that camera and lens really give me what I want!)

Coming soon….

wee baby thermal



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7 responses to “why I like my new camera”

  1. Cara Avatar

    Baby Thermal?! Cute!

  2. Knittripps Avatar

    You and your new camera are taking some good pictures. Nice work!

  3. Angela Avatar

    I love that picture of you in the blue sweater! The contrast between focus and fuzzy is really effective.

    Initially I wanted to post and ask you what pattern it is – then I recognized it as one of Ysolda’s. I can’t wait to start on it myself :) it looks wonderful.

  4. Seanna Lea Avatar

    The chibi-thermal is very cute!

  5. Sarah Avatar

    That’s a great shot of Amy.

  6. Jennie Avatar

    Definitely fab photos!!

  7. Rhonda Avatar

    omg a teeny weeny little Thermal! How adorable is that?

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