Warning: Garden Carnage

Someone asked in the comments why we’re wrapping all the containers with mesh – it’s like a plastic chicken wire, much easier to work with than metal wire.

zucchini carnage

It’s because we have horrible, horrible squirrels (and other critters, but I’m mostly blaming the squirrels).

zucchini carnage

Everything was looking so nice, especially since this is the first time I’ve managed to actually grow zucchini on the balcony.

zucchini carnage

Came home on Monday to discover that apparently surrounding the bin with mesh wasn’t enough! They totally got in there and messed up the plants but good, trampling the flowers, eating chunks off the zucchini, ugh. We ended up putting even more mesh over the top of the bins and tying them down. So now even we can’t get into the bins without some effort. I know squash is very resilient, and it’ll make more – as long as we keep the critters out. I’m glad they only attacked the squash this time.

Otherwise, things are going swimmingly. Some rain and heat this week means BIG GROWTH!

garden, June 25

garden, June 25

garden, June 25

The cucumber has to climb outside the bin – I hope we’ll be able to get the cucumbers before they get attacked.

go peas go!

The peas are starting to plump up!

sweet cherry peppers

eggplant leaves

I love going out each day to see what’s new in the garden.

Crafting content? I did finish spinning up some new yarns! These are from Woolgatherings on Etsy, and they were totally beautiful to spin. On the left is Blue Faced Leicester, on the right is superwash merino.

woolgathering handspuns

I also have a new post up on Craftsy: Preparing Fiber for Spinning. Check it out!







5 responses to “Warning: Garden Carnage”

  1. Corinne Avatar

    I also have had a problem with squirrels and possums . They would munch my vegetables just when they were ready to pick. Made me so angry. This year I bought a Yard Sentinel and have not seen ANY of those things around..amazing.
    Love your site: am about to CO for the Castlegar Cardigan in Ella Rae next week!

  2. Iris Avatar

    I didn’t realise squirrels went for vegetables. Clearly they do! It’s still all looking great, though. In comparison my allotment plants are puny! :)

  3. yvette Avatar

    The most annoying thing about squirrels is that they don’t even like most vegetables. They just take one bite of everything and then leave it to rot.

  4. Allison Avatar

    Ugh–the squirrels! They would always eat my mom’s flowers. Glad most things survived!

  5. lilirious Avatar

    argh! that’s terrible! I’ve had a cat/ rabbit problem. My cat would just dig some plants out, or she would use my plant as a bed…. Now I put sticks in my pots to deter them. The rabbits would eat anything that looked edible..

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