cough, cough. sniffle, sniffle. this sucks. When I’m sick, I feel like I forget what it feels like not to be sick! I hope this goes away soon. In the meanwhile, I’ve been knitting and spinning a whole lot.

I’ve been working on Raspy – I was sewing up the raglan seams this evening when I realized that I’d made a major mistake! I forgot to bind off 5 on one side of the front! So I had to unpick the sleeve seam I’d done, rip back, and knit it up again. While I was at it, I lowered the front neck using short rows. Everything’s sewn back up again, and well, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to machine wash it. It’s a bit snug. Not overly so, but if I wash it, it may be too dense.

The lengths are okay without washing, I think – the sleeves are long, but I like long sleeves. The neck is a bit too open, since I messed with the numbers, but I think I’ll just crochet around it to close it up a bit. So…in conclusion, I don’t yet know if Raspy is a success. Oh well, it’s comfy!

I finished the back of the greek-inspired pullover:

I’m past the armhole bindoffs on the front now too, so it’s going along quickly.

In spinning, I recently spun up some Louet merino/silk in “Princess blue” and it came out quite nicely. I love spinning (and knitting) wool/silk combos – they’re my favourite!

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  1. Jess Avatar

    I’m sick too – I can concur with your saying that you forget what it’s like to be un-sick, and I’ve gotten a ton of knitting done too.

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