All the SG-1 love is awesome! I mean, it certainly stayed on the air for ten seasons for a reason, but still. That 200th episode? Hi-larious. I’m alllmost tempted to go back through for a handful of favourite episodes, but I might wait on that a while.

finally off the needles

Anyway, finally off the needles are the DK-weight mittens I wrote about awhile back. I actually colour corrected these photos so you can see the proper colours – a great plum and a neutral beige. I used Tanis Yellow Line DK weight for these, less than half a skein of each colour!

lined mitten

I knit the outer mittens really fast, as stranded colourwork often is. Then I had the whole ripping and reknitting of the linings a bunch of times. Then I stalled out on the thumbs – they were done except for the lining thumbs for ages before I finally picked them up again this weekend. And you know what? They definitely weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be, although I did need to change to double points when the magic loop just wasn’t working for me.

cashmere lining

As for the cursed lining, the frustration was totally worth it. Double thick mittens lined in cashmere? Yes please. And I only used 15g of laceweight cashmere for the linings! And just in time for a forecasted snowy week.

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  1. Maryse

    These mittens are awesome! I’m tempted to say simple and beautiful, but since I’ve never done colorwork, I would not use the word simple yet ;-) They also look really warm and comfy! Great pattern once again! Congratulations!

  2. Jocelyn

    I totally missed your comment on the last post about SG1. Self-confessed SG1 fan here! I miss, love, miss that show so much. Good thing I have the entire box set plus Stargate Atlantis and now eagerly awaiting the return of SGU on TV.

    Cool mitten btw. You do colourwork very well!

  3. Sarah

    Totally awesome mittens – beautiful to look at and such an inspired idea to knit a lining in cashmere

  4. Rose

    They are gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try lined mittens for my daughters who live in colder climates than me, but no colorwork for me yet.

  5. Rebekah

    Total Stargate fan here myself! I missed it to your last post, I’m going to have to go back. I watch SG-1 and Atlantis constantly. Its my want to knit, want to watch something entertaining I know and don’t have to pay a ton of attention to show. I even have Stargate coasters. I’m a geek. I know.

  6. Clumsy Knitter

    Those mittens are so unbelievably cute! Love them! I’m feeling the overwhelming urge to make a pair for myself, and I don’t even live in a climate that necessitates mittens!

  7. Seanna Lea

    OK, I think I need to line my mittens in laceweight cashmere. I might even have some from Rheinbeck years past. It sounds wonderfully decadent and warm!

  8. Jane

    Those are amazing. I need to crack open my Fiddlehead mitten kit soon.

    (Also: I am out of hibernation, and coming to knit night tomorrow if it kills me.)

  9. Anna

    Hee – I do love Stargate… Reading this has made me want to go back and rewatch it too!

    Gorgeous mittens as well!

  10. Abby C.

    Beautiful mittens! I seriously reiterate that you should give Farscape a try – the 200th SG-1 episode was a Farscape satire! It’s got some of the same actors as well – Lt. Col. Mitchell on SG-1 and the main character on Farscape, astronaut John Crichton, are played by the same actor.

  11. Liz

    Those are awesome! I want a pair! Will you be posting the pattern/selling the pattern soon?


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