twickenham adventures

Thursday morning we left Edinburgh early and took a taxi to the train. Unfortunately the photos of that train are on my other camera and I can’t really be arsed to get them off! The ride was a bit long, but pretty easy, I suppose. I took a nap for a long while to get used to the motion then did some crocheting and watching Dr. Horrible!

It took a Tube ride and a National Rail ride to get to where we’re staying outside London for a few nights, in Twickenham.


It’s a really cute town, very quiet, and pretty easy to get into the city (once we figured out which train we were supposed to take!), it takes about 25 minutes to get to Waterloo station. After a few hours’ resting in the flat (we were so tired, sitting on the train really is exhausting, not to mention lugging all our stuff on the tube and second train!) we headed out to have a little walk around town and get something to eat.


It was sort of a weird time (like 4:30 pm? too early for dinner, especially in this commuter town!) so lots of places were closed.


We managed to find a huge pub that was open, and empty! We ordered a couple pints and some random pub snacky food that ended up being dinner.


But gasp, we’d both neglected to bring knitting! So what did we do?


Our adventures continued – Ysolda’s blogged the next bit!







9 responses to “twickenham adventures”

  1. Patricia Fontes Avatar

    Such a nice trip! Have fun!

  2. cici Avatar

    Looks like your having so much fun.. Great photos:D

  3. Andrea Avatar

    The town looks lovely. And I see a pizza express which is my fav!

  4. Kate Avatar

    (delurking) Scrabble! Looks like you’re having a great trip.

  5. Alice from france Avatar

    Great!!! Let’s go for the end of the story on Ysolda’s blog!

  6. Moggle Avatar

    Hope you’re enjoying England. It’s a shame we couldn’t turn on some decent weather for you though!

  7. emmms Avatar

    Good lord, Twickenham? What are you doing there? I used to work there, practically on that corners. If you’re looking for a good cafe, try the one at the back of the bookshop on Church St (the cobblestoned street on the way to the riverside). It’s one of Twickenham’s few redeeming features. There’s a sculture garden along the river as well that’s well worth checking out.

    It was lovely to meet you yseterday! Hope you have a lovely stay.

  8. Morgan Avatar

    Hmm There HAS to be yarn stores there! But scrabble is a good alternative.

  9. Knittripps Avatar

    What a fun trip to share with a friend!

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