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  • the yarn…and a first!

    I bought a lot of yarn while I was away. A lot. I only bought one piece of clothing (an expensive but amazing, made-in-France skirt) and the one pair of shoes (which, by the way, are Doc Martens for anyone who asked), but I bought a hell of a lot of yarn. I hadn’t really […]

  • just a liiiitle more

    My flight home was uneventful, if a bit long – the flight itself was about 7.5 hours, plus all that waiting around on either end (and it was far from the gate to customs and everything here in Toronto!). They showed one of the same movies as on the last flight (Ironman), which I thought […]

  • heading home

    (Paris, view from Sacre-Coeur) It’s my very last day in Europe, and I haven’t left Ysolda’s flat all day! It was nice, though, homey and such. And since we’re both headed out tomorrow, we could spend time packing without rushing. I vacuum-packed my clothes and yarn into the bottom of my suitcase, packed most everything […]