the yarn…and a first!

I bought a lot of yarn while I was away. A lot. I only bought one piece of clothing (an expensive but amazing, made-in-France skirt) and the one pair of shoes (which, by the way, are Doc Martens for anyone who asked), but I bought a hell of a lot of yarn. I hadn’t really intended to, but whatever. Yarn makes a great souvenir!

I got some at k1 in Edinburgh, some at Le Bon Marche in Paris, but most of it came from iknit day.

yarn from iknit (and fabric from liberty)

In the top left, there’s cashmere from Devon Fine Fibres, some for presents and some for me – they raise their own flock, and have a very limited supply of yarn, but it’s sooo beautiful. And inexpensive, for sure.

Top right is organic merino from ColdHarbour Mill, a working mill and textile museum! They had 100g skeins of the undyed organic merino on for 5 pounds, and I bought a sweater’s worth of the 4ply plus some others for gifts.

Bottom left is two skeins of Bowmont wool from Devon Fine Fibres, a new rare cross breed. It’s a mix of merino and shetland, and is really soft in a still-wooly way! They didn’t have much left when we got there (I blame erqsome, she bought a sweater’s worth of the grey) so I just got the two skeins. Now, what to make?

And in the bottom right, not yarn of course, it’s fabric from Liberty. Expensive, but sooo pretty. I’m going to have to make a few more practice skirts before I commit to cutting this up!

And the first?

48.365 - my first signed book!

Last night I held my book for the first time – a box came into the store just when I was starting to work last night. And I sold my first book, to my friend Jeff (I’m sure books have sold so far, but this was the first one *I* sold!). And I signed my first book.




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19 responses to “the yarn…and a first!”

  1. Katinka Avatar

    Yummy yarns!

    And you have lovely handwriting. :)

  2. duni Avatar

    congratulations on the new book!!!!!!!!

  3. Mary Kay Avatar

    beautiful yarns and congrats on the book!!

  4. viktora Avatar

    Great yarn…. I got some lovely stuff at iknit day too.

    Congratulations on the new book!!

  5. Deb Avatar

    Just a few minutes ago I got a call from our Barnes and Noble that your book is in and waiting for me! If I sent a bookplate, would you autograph and return please?

    Your travels sounded wonderful!

    Beautiful souvenir yarns, lucky family and friends!

  6. angel Avatar

    Beautiful yarn, beautiful fabric and congrats on the new book!

  7. cici Avatar

    Love the cashmere!! Congratulations on the book. Can’t wait till I get mine.

  8. gleek Avatar

    great yarn and fabric!!! and congrats on the book as well!

  9. Gretchen Avatar

    What fantastic timing with the book. Congratulations!

  10. Debbie Avatar

    Oh, yarn! You make the best souvenir! I will look forward to what becomes of your haul. Your own book…can it get any better?!

  11. Dani Avatar

    Beautiful souvenirs! Congratulations on your book Laura – what an amazing accomplishment :)

  12. knithoundbrooklyn Avatar

    Yarn is a perfectly acceptable souvenir and yours are mighty fine indeed!

  13. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I bought souvenir yarn when I went to Toronto (some of which I gave away and some of which is still waiting for me to knit it). I figure the point of souvenir yarn is to buy something that at that particular moment is not available at home. Your purchases look just like that to me!

  14. Mei Avatar

    Congrats on the sale! It must be super exciting!!!! :)

    (Oh, and lovely yarn p0rn too!)

  15. Brenda Avatar

    Laura. Congratulations on the book. What an exciting time for you.

  16. Abigail Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I bought cashmere from Devon Fine Fibres AND alpaca from the mill last year. I’m originally from Cornwall and most of my family is still in the southwest and wales so my husband took me over for a weeks surprise holiday ending up Fibrefest UK 2007. We had a tour of the mill and I somehow ended up with 1/2 a suitcase of yarn by the end of the festival.

    Congratulations on the book – now I have a good reason to go to a yarn shop! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Sorry I missed the launch party.

    I saw the book today at Lettuce, it’s awesome!


  18. Amanda Avatar

    Congrats on th book Im working on one right now.

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