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Thought I’d drop by with a tiny bit of knitting/spinning news…not much going on here what with the three exams on monday and tuesday.

First up, finally the end is on the horizon with no-stripes-go-round. The sleeves have been knit and attached, and I’ve done a whopping 2 rounds of the yoke – although with over 300 stitches per round, I suppose that’s still rather a lot. Hoping to get this one done soonish.

In spinning, I did up a bit of light blue merino/silk as singles, just to see what would happen. I did about 10-12 yards (i actually didn’t count), trying to be low-twist but not too low. Washed and wound, ready to be knit into a swatch. I know the fibre’s not really going to be happy in life as a single, so I’m doing the rest of the bag as 2ply.

And that’s really it. I’m at the start of some patterning on the raspberry skirt for my sister – I’m thinking eyelet rows alternating with dropped yarnover rows, and probably a picot edging.

My printer is begin stupid and crapping out on one side of the page, so I’ve got to get that fixed tonight (fresh toner cartridge) and print off some of my study notes so I can give my poor eyes a rest from the computer. Night!



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